Can Physical Therapy Treat Back Pain?

Can Physical Therapy Treat Back Pain?

Physical therapy can be one of the most effective treatments for spine, neck, and back pain. For this reason, many doctors will recommend physical therapy before considering more expensive and invasive treatments like medication and surgery.

Our therapists can help you develop a treatment plan based on exercises that can strengthen your muscles and help reduce pain. They can also give you a very good analysis of what additional treatment options will be most effective for you.

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For people with sciatica or a herniated disk, special exercises can help take pressure off the nerve that’s being compressed, which causes pain. The goal with exercise is to reposition the pain or have it travel up to another area of the body that isn’t in so much pain.

Physical therapists also recommend exercises to strengthen your back, leg, and stomach muscles. Having stronger muscles reduces and can even prevent pain caused from herniated disks.


Your doctor may recommend a variety of physical therapy treatments to lower your back pain. Treatments may include:

  • ultrasound,
  • heat,
  • muscle-relaxing exercises,
  • or electrical stimulation.

These treatments work on your soft tissues and back muscles and can lower the amount of pain you have.


The specialists at University of Utah Health are board certified and specialty trained giving you the best quality of care from their expertise. They will help you identify your specific conditions and needs and develop a customized treatment plan. Schedule an evaluation with one of our expert specialists and improve the quality of your life relieving back, neck, and spine pain.


Daily Exercise—Instead of Meds—to Reduce Back Pain

Back problems are painful. Many people think that more movement will cause more pain and think medication must be the safest bet. But medicine is neither the only nor the best treatment for back pain. It's important to treat back pain without medication.

Weak Bones Can Lead to Serious Back Problems

As we age, our bones become weaker, meaning we’re more likely to suffer breaks, sprains, and fractures. For some people, a vertebral fracture in the spine, also known as a fragility fracture, can be caused by something as simple as sitting up in bed if you have especially weak bones.