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Trailer: The 4-Week Make Your Own Meals Challenge

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Trailer: The 4-Week Make Your Own Meals Challenge

Oct 02, 2023

Many of us know the benefits of cooking at home, but it can still be a challenge. Registered Dietitian Theresa Dvorak joins us weekly with a new recipe to try. Whether it's time, skill in the kitchen, lack of nutrition knowledge, or something else, join us for recipes and conversations to help overcome common barriers many face when making food at home.

Every week, Theresa will bring in a new recipe to try. The following week, the Cooking Crew will report back about how it went and if they liked the recipe. We hope you will also make the recipe and tell us what you think. You can post your pictures and experience on Facebook and find out what other listeners thought about the recipes.

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It's time to get shopping, stirring, sizzling. It's time to get cooking. You know, we all know the benefits of eating at home, but making your own food can be a challenge. But whether it's a lack of time, skills, or recipes to try, we've got you covered.

Join the U of U Health cooking crew's four-week Make Your Own Meals Challenge. Every week dietician, Theresa Dvorak will bring in a brand-new recipe to try. The next week, we'll talk about how it went and how it tasted. At the end of the challenge, you'll have four easy-to-make, nutritious recipes to add to your recipe collection. And hopefully, you've improved cooking skills and learned a little bit about nutrition too.

Join us for the first episode—Thursday, October 5th. Click the Subscribe button to make sure you get all the episodes. Join the four-week Make Your Own Meals Challenge with University of Utah Health.