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S6E11: Identity and Community in a Diverse Society

Mar 13, 2023 - Race and ethnicity are important components of our identity—a significant role in shaping our experiences, beliefs, values, and attitudes—and can help define and give us a sense of belonging to a larger community. But as we've grown to appreciate the similarities, we should also learn to recognize and embrace the diversity within each racial and ethnic group. In S6E11, Hạ and Harjit discuss the complexities of defining identity and creating community in a society that can often view their respective race and ethnicity as a monolith.

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S6E10: Women in Revolutions

Mar 06, 2023 - Revolution refers to radical change in the established order of a society. Revolutions can be sparked by various factors such as economic inequality, political oppression, cultural hegemony, and social injustice. History books often tell us about revolutions led by men. But, so many revolutions have also been women-led. In honor of women in history, women today, and women of the future, in S6E10 of BUNDLE OF HERS, Harjit and Lina discuss the importance of women's role in leading change and shine spotlights on women revolutionaries.

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133: Jonathan Learns to Advocate for His Health

Feb 28, 2023 - Doctors are human just like the rest of us and sometimes they get something wrong. Jonathan found this out for himself when trying to get help with a severe chronic pain condition that showed up in his 20s with little explanation. After finding little relief from his doctor, he learned the importance of advocating for your own health to live your best life.

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S6E9: Language's Role in Identity

Feb 27, 2023 - Language has a profound impact on our identity and culture. The way we communicate, express ourselves, and share our beliefs and customs is deeply intertwined with language. Language goes beyond spoken words and can include nonverbal cues such as body language and tone of voice. In healthcare, using familiar language can make all the difference in a patient's healing process. In S6E9, Lina, Margaux, and Hạ discuss the importance of language to their identities, and why using trauma-informed language is an integral aspect of healthcare.

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132: Botox is for More than Wrinkles

Feb 21, 2023 - Botox. It's a chemical that the Who Cares guys initially assumed was just for vanity sake and not something for them. That was until they talked to Dr. Sarah Akkina. Learn about the many medical uses of the toxin from teeth clenching to sweat control. And maybe, just maybe, learn about how guys can improve the appearance of wrinkles for those Zoom calls.

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S6E8: Medicine's 80+ Hours Weeks

Feb 20, 2023 - Working in medicine demands an enormous amount of dedication and effort, which often results in grueling work schedules that require doctors and other medical professionals to put in upwards of 80 hours of work per week, six days a week. This rigorous schedule leaves little time for rest, recovery, and a healthy work-life balance. Quality patient care is jeopardized when our own mental, emotional, and physical health is at risk. In S6E8, Margaux, Lina, and Mariam candidly discuss the history of the 40-hour workweek, and why, for those working in medicine, that number can double.

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131: The Vasectomy Episode

Feb 14, 2023 - A vasectomy is one of the most successful ways to prevent pregnancy and is a way for men to remove the fear of a new kid from sex and even take the responsibility of birth control off of their partner. But when it comes to any sort of procedure below the belt, men may have some concerns. Urologist Dr. John Smith explains the ins and outs of the procedure and answer the question the guys have about getting "the snip."

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S6E7: Grieving Through Medicine

Feb 13, 2023 - Grief can manifest in different ways for different people, and it is important to acknowledge there is no right or wrong way to feel grief. Beyond understanding the emotional response to loss, we should learn to recognize the physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, cultural, spiritual, and philosophical dimensions of grief. The human side of medicine is creating a safe and supportive space for patients and their families—as well as healthcare providers—as they navigate the difficult journey of loss and grief. In S6E7, Mariam, Harjit, and Lina share their stories of grief and discuss its significance in the field of medicine.

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130: It's a Struggle to Be Healthy. Here's Why.

Feb 07, 2023 - Regardless of where you are right now, improving your health is a constant "work in progress." Why is it so hard to be better with sleep, activity, nutrition, or mental health? The Who Cares guys discuss their individual struggles with health and the larger social pressures that work against us. Hear the strategies these men have tried to help them overcome the challenges of taking control of their health.

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S6E6: The Impact of War on Medicine and Identity

Feb 06, 2023 - Everyone is shaped by war in one form or another, regardless of background or origin. War not only affects those on the battlefield but also weighs on citizens and communities. As healthcare providers, there is a need to be mindful of the trauma experienced by patients and to approach their care with empathy and understanding. In S6E6, Harjit, Margaux, and Hạ share their narratives of collective identity and how it is shaped by experiences of war, and talk about the complexities of war and its impact on medicine and trauma-informed patient care.


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