Prediabetes is a health condition where the sugar (a.k.a. glucose) in your blood is above the normal range, yet not high enough that you’re diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Almost 84 million Americans have prediabetes – that is almost 1 in 3 adults.

Healthy Snacking

We get it. Snacking is a part of life. Let's make it a good part of your day — by choosing the right kind of healthy snack combinations that will help control blood sugar levels, satisfy hunger, and keep you energized.

Healthy Food Plate

Learn what you should be putting on your plate to keep your diet healthy and balanced, and find some healthy tips and tricks to try.

Driving Out Diabetes - Healthy Food Plate

Learn what you should be putting on your plate to keep your diet healthy and balanced, and find some healthy tips and tricks to try. 

WellYou - Healthy Food Plate

Learn what you should be putting on your plate to keep your diet healthy and balanced, and find some healthy tips and tricks to try.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the practice of complete awareness before, during, and after an eating occasion. This allows an individual to eat in response to physical hunger cues, while enhancing enjoyment of the entire eating experience.


Proteins have essential functions in our body. They're the building blocks of our bones, muscles, hormones, and enzymes. Healthy eating patterns include a variety of protein foods. Protein food groups are comprised of animal and plant sources.

Managing Triggers

Triggers are things in life that we react to in a certain way. Sights, sounds, people, places, feelings and emotions are all examples of triggers. They can be positive, but they can also be negative. And a negative trigger can spark unhealthy eating to an emotional reaction. But you can notice when it happens and be prepared with a smart and healthy solution.

Carb Meal Planning

Eating healthy means enjoying delicious foods you like while budgeting certain nutrients through the day (to achieve your goal). Use this guide to plan which carbs to include in your meals.

Everyday Mindfulness

Mindfulness of your larger purpose is an important part of wellness. Find a quiet time to reflect with your higher self — the “why?” — of your life. What matters most to you? Who and what do you care most about? What do you want to experience in this life?

Enjoying Fruit Year-Round

Enjoying fruits is a smart part of your diet. The key to picking fruits that have the best texture and flavor is knowing when each one is at the top of its game.

Mindful Awareness

An unpleasant stimulus becomes a stressor when it is perceived to be threatening or beyond our control and our capacity to cope. This often triggers a habitual stress reaction of fight, flight, or freeze. Our reactions can worsen and prolong the stress. In mindfulness practice, we connect with our innate awareness, giving ourselves the space to respond rather than react.


Too much sodium in your diet can increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Even cutting back by 1000 mg per day can improve your blood pressure and heart health.


Your body is meant to move. But when stiffness sets into your muscles, it compromises your quality of life. Whether it's getting up from the couch or taking a walk through the neighborhood, stiffness is an unwelcome visitor. Your flexibility can be improved, especially when it's a part of your regular exercise program.

Intrinsic Motivation

What's the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? Intrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from within, while extrinsic motivation comes from outside. Learn how understanding this difference can help you stay motivated to meet your health and wellness goals.

Vegetables by Season

You don't have to be a vegetarian to know how just the right vegetables can completea meal. Whether it's fish, chicken or beef there are always fresh vegetables to complement your choice. Knowing what season is best for a vegetable makes planning easy and fun.

Winter Exercises

When the temperatures start dropping, it can be easy to lose motivation to stay active. Learn how to adapt your exercise routine for winter and cold weather.

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Summer offers plenty of chances to get sun damage, especially when you’re outdoors all day. A tan doesn’t last, but the damage from UV rays sure does. Fortunately, you can be kind to your skin and still have fun in the sun!

Feeding A Healthy Heart

While there are several risk factors for heart disease that are out of your control—such as age, sex, race, and family history—diet is a major risk factor that you CAN control. Here are some suggestions on specific foods that you can eat to promote heart health.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Not all habits are bad. The habit of setting goals for yourself can have a positive influence on your life. And setting attainable goals that are a healthy part of your daily routine can be a pretty SMART idea.

Quick Food Waste Facts

About 10 million tons of produce is wasted even before it arrives at the grocery store and of ALL food wasted, 40 percent is thrown away by consumers. This is food that could have otherwise been distributed to people (and even animals) in need.

Sweetened Beverage Alternatives

Some individuals don’t love the taste of plain water, which can make moving away from sugary drinks difficult. So why not try infused waters? They’re a great method for jazzing up a plain glass of water with real fruits and herbs.

Spring Clean Your Exercise Routine

The spring is a great time to check in with your exercise routine. Here are quick tips to progress your exercise routine to keep things challenging and limit boredom.

Type 2 Diabetes

A serious medical condition occurs when glucose remains in the blood instead of transferring to the cells of the body. If the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin the glucose will not properly transfer to our cells. When too much glucose stays in the blood the result is high blood sugar, and that issue can cause Type 2 diabetes.

RD Approved Snacks

Beverages, snacks, and snack pairings approved by our registered dieticians.

RD Approved Catering Checklist

Guidelines and tips for healthy catered meals, approved by our registered dieticians.

RD Approved Catering Menu

Find ideas for healthy catering options from local stores and restaurants.

Interpreting Health Information

Having access to health information online helps us make important health decisions. But the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming. It's important to determine if the information you're reading is trustworthy.

Nonstarchy vs. Starchy Vegetables

All vegetables are good for you, and all vegetables can be part of a healthy diet. Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and other beneficial phytochemicals. However, not all vegetables are created equal. For maximum health benefits, fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables.

Bod Pod Information

If you're focused on losing weight, the combination of your BOD POD body composition and resting metabolic rate can help determine how many calories your body needs to function during the day. Keep reading to understand what these tests are and the accuracy of the measurement.

A Healthy Twist on Dessert Making

We all know that as part of healthy eating, we should be limiting added sugars and
saturated fats. While many desserts are a major source of these components, dessert can still be an enjoyable part of a well-balanced eating plan.


WellYou - El Plato Saludable

 Aprenda lo que debe poner en su plato para mantener su dieta saludable y equilibrada.

Driving Out Diabetes - El Plato Saludable

 Aprenda lo que debe poner en su plato para mantener su dieta saludable y equilibrada.

Reconocer y Manejar las Reacciones a los Disparadores

Los detonantes son cosas en la vida a las cuales reaccionamos de cierta manera. Los paisajes, sonidos, gente, lugares, sentimientos y emociones son todos ejemplos de detonantes. Estos pueden ser positivos, pero también pueden ser negativos. Un detonante negativo puede provocar una reacción emocional hacia una alimentación poco saludable.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Metas Inteligentes)

No todos los hábitos son malos. La práctica de establecerse metas pueden tener una influencia positiva en su vida. Establecer metas alcanzables que sean una parte saludable de su rutina diaria, puede ser una idea muy INTELIGENTE.

Conciencia Plena: Crear un Espacio para Responder vs. Reaccionar

Un estímulo desagradable se convierte en un factor de estrés cuando se percibe como una amenaza o fuera de nuestro control o capacidad para hacerle frente. A menudo esto desencadena una reacción de estrés habitual de pelea, huida o de suspenso. Nuestras reacciones pueden empeorar y prolongar el estrés.


La prediabetes es una condición de salud donde el azúcar (glucosa) en su sangre está por encima de sus rango normal, pero aún no tan alto para que pueda ser diagnosticado (a) con diabetes tipo 2, casi 84 millions de americanos tienen prediabetes.

Diabetes Tipo 2

Una condición médica grave se produce cuando la glucosa permanece en la sangre sin poder ser transferida a las células de el cuerpo. Si el páncreas no produce suficiente insulina, la glucosa no podrá ser transferida apropiadamente a nuestras células. Cuando la glucosa está muy elevada, el resultado es azúcar alta en la sangre, y este problema puede causar la diabetes tipo 2.

Alternativas de Bebidas Azucaradas

A algunas personas no les gusta el sabor del agua corriente, lo que puede hacer díficilretirarse de las bebidas azucaradas. Así que ¿Porqué no probar las aguas infundidas? Son un método excelente para animar un vaso simple de agua con frutas y hierbas reales.

Vegetales por Estación

No tiene que ser vegetariano(a) para saber cuáles son los vegetales correctos para completar una comida. Bien sea pescado, polio o ternera siempre habrán vegetales frescos para complementar su elección. Saber que estación es mejor para cada vegetal hace que la planificación sea fácil y divertida.

Limpieza Primaveral de su Rutina de Ejercicios

La primavera es un buen tiempo para asesorarse sobre su rutina de ejercicios. Aquí hay consejos rápidos para avanzar en su rutina de ejercicios, para mantener sus desafíos y limitar el aburrimiento.

El Ejercicio en Invierno/Clima Frío

Cuando las temperaturas comienzan a bajar, es fácil perder la motivación para mantenerse activo. Aprenda a adaptar su rutina de ejercicios para el invierno y el clima frío.