Caring for Our Burn Patients With the Most Advanced Treatments

At the University of Utah Health Burn Center, we offer the best care possible. Our patients and their caregivers are part of a team working together on a journey to wellness.

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Verified Burn Center Experts

Why does it matter that we are a verified burn center? The American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons designed a rigorous review program that ensures verified centers offer the best care for their patients. This includes the whole patient experience from the time of injury through rehabilitation.

It also means we meet the highest quality of care available because we meet these high quality standards. The standards are for personnel qualifications, facilities resources, organizational structure, and medical care services.

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Burn Outpatient Clinic Location

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Mon-Fri 8 AM - 5 PM




50 North Medical Drive, 4th floor, C40
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
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They Emerge Transformed
Burn survivors and those who care for them at University of Utah Health Burn Center share a fundamental truth few others know.

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