What is TeleBurn Care?

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Receive top-of-the-line burn care and consultation for burn injuries—even hundreds of miles away from a burn center.

TeleBurn care allows patients who live in rural areas who've burned themselves to make an appointment with a burn specialist over their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

TeleBurn is pioneering the use of telemedicine for immediate and continued evaluation and treatment of burn injuries, cold injuries, and wounds in the Mountain West.

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How Does It Work?

Through videoconferencing technology, our burn experts can see patients remotely, allowing them to assess and make recommendations and care for wounds.

TeleBurn currently performs more than 400 video consultations each year, reaching more than 80 sites in the Mountain West. TeleBurn has telemedicine partnerships with sites located in:

  • Colorado,
  • Idaho,
  • Montana,
  • Oregon,
  • and Wyoming.

How Can TeleBurn Help Patients?

Reduced Costs

Travel is expensive. With TeleBurn, patients do not need to travel to University of Utah Health's Burn Center. TeleBurn results in lower costs and cost savings for the entire community.

Greater Access, No Matter Where You Live

Rural residents, children, the elderly, and those living in poverty suffer increased risk of burn injuries. However, their access to burn treatment is restricted by where they live and what resources they can access. TeleBurn makes burn services accessible, especially to those who may need care the most.

Better Outcomes

Research shows that patients who are treated in verified burn centers have better outcomes and higher survival rates. TeleBurn makes it possible for burn survivors to connect instantly with University of Utah Health's Burn Center, the only verified burn center in a five state region.

Kerry Caldwell, burn survivor

Meet Our Patient

Teleburn Partnership Helps Boise Woman Ease Back into Normal Life

It was just another day at the pub in Boise, Idaho, and Kerry Caldwell, the Brew Master, was making a batch of beer. As she was stirring the wort—beer before its fermented—250 gallons boiled over the kettle spilling onto her body from her right shoulder all the way down to her ankle burning 33 percent of her body.

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