Meet Our Team

There are many people involved in your care, promoting healing in a variety of areas.

Multidisciplinary Health Professionals

Members of the care team include:


House staff are doctors in training, supervised by your attending physician. The house staff will see you daily and are available 24 hours a day. House staff include:

  • Fellows: Physicians who have completed medical school and residency and are specializing in a particular area of medicine.
  • Residents/Interns: Doctors in training who have completed medical school.
  • Medical Students: Individuals who are currently in training to become physicians.


The nurse manager is responsible for nursing care on the unit. In addition, a charge nurse supervises each shift. The name of your nurse and health care assistant (HCA) is on the white board inside your room, as well as contact information for the nurse manager and housekeeping manager. If you have any questions or concerns, they are happy to help.


Burn patients have special medication needs. Medication adjustments are often needed as your condition changes. Pharmacists help manage medications, ensuring you receive the right drug, dose, and frequency. They also make sure there are no harmful interactions among medications and inform you of potential side effects. In addition, pharmacists consult with patients, nurses, and doctors to answer any questions about medications.

You will typically first encounter a pharmacist at University of Utah Hospital when putting together a list of current medications. This is called a medication reconciliation. It is important for us to have an accurate list of all the medications you take on a regular basis. This includes

the name of the drug, as well as the dose and how often it is taken.

At discharge, you will meet with a pharmacist again to answer any medication questions and to review and update your medication reconciliation. Specifically, they will review your medications taken prior to hospital admission and update any new medications you should continue taking.

Respiratory Therapist

Patients often need assistance with breathing and keeping their airway open. Respiratory therapists ensure the ventilator (breathing machine) works properly and monitor patient’s oxygen levels with bedside monitors. They also remove secretions from patient’s lungs and provide lung medications as needed.


Burn patients have special dietary needs to provide additional nutrients for the body to heal the wounds. Dietitians ensure that patients receive adequate amounts of nourishment.


In order to provide medically advanced patient care, we participate in and conduct research. Each research project is reviewed by a group of professionals at the University of Utah to ensure that is conducted appropriately and performed within federal guidelines.

It is possible that we may ask you to participate in a study and if so, please remember the following:

  • If you have questions, please ask them.
  • Your participation is voluntary. If you decline to participate, your care will not be affected.

All benefits and risks known to us for participating in a study will be explained to you.