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Treating Heart Valve Disease With Cutting Edge Solutions

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Valvular heart disease happens when your heart's valves do not work correctly. This causes your heart muscle to work harder so it can circulate the right amount of blood throughout your body. Valve disease can eventually lead to heart failure or HF.

The Valvular Heart Disease Program at U of U Health provides cutting edge treatment from multi-specialty, high certified providers. Our goal is to provide you with the best care available.

Types of Valvular Heart Disease

Valve Heart Disease Treatments

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Why Choose University of Utah Health?

U of U Health has year-after-year exceptional rankings as offering the best health care in the nation. It's not a surprise. We believe collaboration throughout our system—from physicians, researchers, biologists, and more—leads to the most imaginative care.

Working together in a rich, diverse clinical environment means our discoveries have a direct impact on the health of our patients. U of U Health isn't satisfied with just offering health care. We want to transform it.

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