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Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley, MD, PhD

Languages spoken: English
  • Specialties

    • Clinical Microbiology
    • Pathology, Clinical

    Board Certification

    American Board of Pathology (Anatomic & Clinical)
    American Board of Pathology (Sub: Medical Microbiology)
  • Board Certification and Academic Information

    Academic Departments Pathology -Primary
    Board Certification
    American Board of Pathology (Anatomic & Clinical)
    American Board of Pathology (Sub: Medical Microbiology)

    Education history

    Fellowship Medical Microbiology - ARUP Laboratories Clinical Fellow
    Laboratory Medicine and Pathology - University of Washington School of Medicine Chief Resident
    Residency Laboratory Medicine and Pathology - University of Washington School of Medicine Resident
    Medicine; Microbiology and Immunology - Tulane University School of Medicine M.D., Ph.D.
    Undergraduate Cellular and Molecular Biology with Honors - Tulane University B.S.

    Selected Publications

    Journal Article

    1. Bradley BT, Couturier MR (2023). Molecular Diagnosis of Emerging Pathogens: Policy and Practical Considerations for Laboratorians. Advances in Molecular Pathology, 6(1), 187-197.
    2. Shean RC, Hymas WC, Klein J, Pyne M, Hillyard DR, Bradley BT (2024). Repeat testing of mpox specimens with late CTs improves detection of potential false positive cases. J Clin Microbiol, 62(2), e0127523. (Read full article)
    3. Platt AP, Bradley BT, Nasir N, Stein SR, Ramelli SC, Ramos-Benitez MJ, Dickey JM, Purcell M, Singireddy S, Hays N, Wu J, Raja K, Curto R, Salipante SJ, Chisholm C, Carnes S, Marshall DA, Cookson BT, Vannella KM, Madathil RJ, Soherwardi S, McCurdy MT, Saharia KK, Rabin J, Nih Covid-Autopsy Consortium, Grazioli A, Kleiner DE, Hewitt SM, Lieberman JA, Chertow DS (2023). Pulmonary Co-Infections Detected Premortem Underestimate Postmortem Findings in a COVID-19 Autopsy Case Series. Pathogens, 12(7). (Read full article)
    4. Ma A, Bradley BT (2023). Clinical testing of pediatric mpox specimens: Unique features and challenges in a low prevalence population. J Clin Virol, 163, 105447. (Read full article)
    5. Lieberman NAP, Mathias PC, Bradley BT, Greninger AL (2022). Clinical Performance and Trends during the First Two Months of Monkeypox Virus PCR Testing at Two United States Reference Labs. J Clin Microbiol, 60(12), e0137122. (Read full article)
    6. Ma A, Langer J, Hanson KE, Bradley BT (2022). Characterization of the Cytopathic Effects of Monkeypox Virus Isolated from Clinical Specimens and Differentiation from Common Viral Exanthems. J Clin Microbiol, 60(12), e0133622. (Read full article)
    7. Wondimu B, Bradley B, Lieberman JA, Cohen S, Bui L, Reddi D (2022). Cokeromyces recurvatus Incidentally Found in a Patient with Gastric Outlet Obstruction. Mycopathologia, 187(5-6), 605-610. (Read full article)
    8. Bradley BT, Bryan A, Fink SL, Goecker EA, Roychoudhury P, Huang ML, Zhu H, Chaudhary A, Madarampalli B, Lu JYC, Strand K, Whimbey E, Bryson-Cahn C, Schippers A, Mani NS, Pepper G, Jerome KR, Morishima C, Coombs RW, Wener M, Cohen S, Greninger AL (2021). Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Levels Measured by the AdviseDx SARS-CoV-2 Assay Are Concordant with Previously Available Serologic Assays but Are Not Fully Predictive of Sterilizing Immunity. J Clin Microbiol, 59(9), e0098921. (Read full article)
    9. Donlan AN, Sutherland TE, Marie C, Preissner S, Bradley BT, Carpenter RM, Sturek JM, Ma JZ, Moreau GB, Donowitz JR, Buck GA, Serrano MG, Burgess SL, Abhyankar MM, Mura C, Bourne PE, Preissner R, Young MK, Lyons GR, Loomba JJ, Ratcliffe SJ, Poulter MD, Mathers AJ, Day AJ, Mann BJ, Allen JE, Petri WA Jr (2021). IL-13 is a driver of COVID-19 severity. JCI Insight, 6(15). (Read full article)
    10. Addetia A, Phung Q, Bradley BT, Lin MJ, Zhu H, Xie H, Huang ML, Greninger AL (2021). In Vivo Generation of BK and JC Polyomavirus Defective Viral Genomes in Human Urine Samples Associated with Higher Viral Loads. J Virol, 95(12). (Read full article)
    11. Phipps WS, Bradley B, Love JE, Hoofnagle AN (2020). Unexpected Presence of an Unusual Opioid in a Patient with Chronic Pain. Clin Chem, 67(4), 596-599. (Read full article)
    12. Bradley BT, Maioli H, Johnston R, Chaudhry I, Fink SL, Xu H, Najafian B, Deutsch G, Lacy JM, Williams T, Yarid N, Marshall DA (2020). Histopathology and ultrastructural findings of fatal COVID-19 infections in Washington State: a case series. Lancet, 396(10247), 320-332. (Read full article)
    13. Gatto GJ Jr, Ao Z, Kearse MG, Zhou M, Morales CR, Daniels E, Bradley BT, Goserud MT, Goodman KB, Douglas SA, Harpel MR, Johns DG (2011). NADPH oxidase-dependent and -independent mechanisms of reported inhibitors of reactive oxygen generation. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem, 28(1), 95-104. (Read full article)
    14. Johns DG, Zelent D, Ao Z, Bradley BT, Cooke A, Contino L, Hu E, Douglas SA, Jaye MC (2009). Heme-oxygenase induction inhibits arteriolar thrombosis in vivo: effect of the non-substrate inducer cobalt protoporphyrin. Eur J Pharmacol, 606(1-3), 109-14. (Read full article)


    1. Mathison BA, Bradley BT (2023). Review of the Clinical Presentation, Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Leishmaniasis. [Review]. Lab Med, 54(4), 363-371. (Read full article)
    2. Bradley BT, Bryan A (2019). Emerging respiratory infections: The infectious disease pathology of SARS, MERS, pandemic influenza, and Legionella. [Review]. Semin Diagn Pathol, 36(3), 152-159. (Read full article)


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