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Dalin T. Pulsipher

Dalin T. Pulsipher, PhD, ABPP

Languages spoken: English

Clinical Locations

Eccles Primary Children's Outpatient Services Building

Pediatric Behavioral Health Clinic
Salt Lake City

Primary Children's Hospital

Salt Lake City
  • Board Certification

    American Board of Professional Psychology (Sub: Clinical Neuropsychology)
    American Board of Professional Psychology (Sub: Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology)
  • Board Certification and Academic Information

    Academic Departments Pediatrics -Primary
    Academic Divisions Behavioral Medicine
    Board Certification
    American Board of Professional Psychology (Sub: Clinical Neuropsychology)
    American Board of Professional Psychology (Sub: Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology)

    Education history

    Postdoctoral Fellowship Neuropsychology - VA New Mexico Healthcare System Postdoctoral Fellow
    Pediatric Neuropsychology Track - University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center Predoctoral Internship
    Graduate Training Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology Track - Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science M.S., Ph.D.
    Psychology - Brigham Young University B.S.
    Undergraduate Psychology - Brigham Young University

    Selected Publications

    Journal Article

    1. Hergert DC, Pulsipher DT, Haaland KY, Sadek JR (2020). Influence of age and education on a performance-based measure of everyday functioning. Appl Neuropsychol Adult, 29(4), 651-661. (Read full article)
    2. Pulsipher DT, Lieb RW (2021). Using latent profile analysis to evaluate the utility of a DSM-5 symptom checklist in screening children for autism spectrum disorder. Clin Neuropsychol, 36(5), 874-898. (Read full article)
    3. Pulsipher DT, Rettig EK, Krapf EM, Stanford LD (2021). A cross-sectional cohort study of post-concussive symptoms and their relationships with depressive symptoms in youth with and without concussion. Brain Inj, 35(8), 964-970. (Read full article)
    4. Thoma RJ, Cook JA, McGrew C, King JH, Pulsipher DT, Yeo RA, Monnig MA, Mayer A, Pommy J, Campbell RA (2018). Convergent and discriminant validity of the ImPACT with traditional neuropsychological measures. Cogent Psychol, 5. (Read full article)
    5. Pulsipher DT, Stricker NH, Sadek JR, Haaland KY (2013). Clinical utility of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) after unilateral stroke. Clin Neuropsychol, 27(6), 924-45. (Read full article)
    6. Pulsipher DT, Dabbs K, Tuchsherer V, Sheth RD, Koehn MA, Hermann BP, Seidenberg M (2011). Thalamofrontal neurodevelopment in new-onset pediatric idiopathic generalized epilepsy. Neurology, 76(1), 28-33. (Read full article)
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    8. Hutchinson E, Pulsipher D, Dabbs K, Myers y Gutierrez A, Sheth R, Jones J, Seidenberg M, Meyerand E, Hermann B (2009). Children with new-onset epilepsy exhibit diffusion abnormalities in cerebral white matter in the absence of volumetric differences. Epilepsy Res, 88(2-3), 208-14. (Read full article)
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    13. Pulsipher DT, Seidenberg M, Morton JJ, Geary E, Parrish J, Hermann B (2007). MRI volume loss of subcortical structures in unilateral temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav, 11(3), 442-9. (Read full article)
    14. Pulsipher DT, Seidenberg M, Jones J, Hermann B (2006). Quality of life and comorbid medical and psychiatric conditions in temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav, 9(3), 510-4. (Read full article)
    15. Pulsipher DT, Hopkins RO, Weaver LK (2006). Basal ganglia volumes following CO poisoning: A prospective longitudinal study. Undersea Hyperb Med, 33(4), 245-56. (Read full article)


    1. Heffelfinger AK, Janecek JK, Johnson A, Miller LE, Nelson A, Pulsipher DT (2020). Competency-based assessment in clinical neuropsychology at the post-doctoral level: Stages, milestones, and benchmarks as proposed by an APPCN work group. [Review]. Clin Neuropsychol, 36(6), 1209-1225. (Read full article)
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