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Joshua F. Coleman

Joshua F. Coleman, MD

Languages spoken: English
  • Specialties

    • Pathology, Anatomical
  • Board Certification and Academic Information

    Academic Departments Pathology -Primary

    Education history

    Fellowship Molecular Genetic Pathology - ARUP Laboratories/University of Utah Fellow
    Hematopathology - University of New Mexico School of Medicine Fellow
    Chief Resident Anatomic Pathology - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic Chief Resident
    Anatomic and Clinical Pathology - Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Institute, Cleveland Clinic Resident
    Professional Medical Medicine - Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine M.D.
    Preprofessional Studies - University of Notre Dame B.S.

    Selected Publications

    Journal Article

    1. Wilcock DM, Moore KH, Rowe L, Mahlow J, Jedrzkiewicz J, Cleary AS, Lomo L, Ruano AL, Gering M, Bradshaw D, Maughan M, Tran P, Burlingame J, Davis R, Affolter K, Albertson DJ, Adelhardt P, Kim JT, Coleman JF, Deftereos G, Gulbahce EH, Sirohi D (2023). Quantitative Imaging Analysis Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Validation for Clinical HER2 Testing in Breast Cancer. Arch Pathol Lab Med.
    2. McMurtry V, Mahlow J, Coleman JF, Deftereos G, Jattani R, Bastien RRL, Durtschi J, Jarboe E, Lomo L, Sirohi D (2022). Morphologic Characteristics and Mutational Analysis of Fumarate Hydratase Deficient Kidney and Smooth Muscle Tumors. Am J Clin Pathol, 159(2), 164-171.
    3. Wilcock DM, McMurtry V, Coleman JF, Kim JT, Khalili P, Deftereos G, Albertson D, Gulbahce EH, Liu T, Sirohi D (2022). Histopathological Correlation of Chromosome 12 Polysomy by Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization in Adipocytic Neoplasms. Int J Surg Pathol, 30(7), 734-742.
    4. Wilcock DM, Sirohi D, Coleman JF, Gulbahce HE (2022). Digital imaging correlation of immunohistochemistry and fluorescence in situ hybridization in breast carcinoma cases with HER2 genetic heterogeneity. Hum Pathol, 126, 129-135.
    5. Sirohi D, Schmidt RL, Aisner DL, Behdad A, Betz BL, Brown N, Coleman JF, Corless CL, Deftereos G, Ewalt MD, Fernandes H, Hsiao SJ, Mansukhani MM, Murray SS, Niu N, Ritterhouse LL, Suarez CJ, Tafe LJ, Thorson JA, Segal JP, Furtado LV (2020). Multi-Institutional Evaluation of Interrater Agreement of Variant Classification Based on the 2017 Association for Molecular Pathology, American Society of Clinical Oncology, and College of American Pathologists Standards and Guidelines for the Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in Cancer. J Mol Diagn, 22(2), 284-293.


    1. Duncavage EJ, Coleman JF, de Baca ME, Kadri S, Leon A, Routbort M, Roy S, Suarez CJ, Vanderbilt C, Zook JM (2022). Recommendations for the Use of in Silico Approaches for Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatic Pipeline Validation: A Joint Report of the Association for Molecular Pathology, Association for Pathology Informatics, and College of American Pathologists. [Review]. J Mol Diagn, 25(1), 3-16.


    1. Gulbahce HE, Coleman JF, Sirohi D (2019). Interference of Tissue-Marking Dyes With Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Assays. [Letter to the editor]. Arch Pathol Lab Med, 143(11), 1299.