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Leo Lin

Leo Lin, MD, PhD

Languages spoken: English
  • Specialties

    • Pathology, Clinical

    Board Certification

    American Board of Pathology (Clinical Path)
  • Board Certification and Academic Information

    Academic Departments Pathology -Primary
    Board Certification
    American Board of Pathology (Clinical Path)

    Education history

    Residency Clinical Pathology - University of Utah School of Medicine Resident
    Biomedical Sciences - University of California, San Diego Ph.D.
    Professional Medical Medicine - University of California, San Diego School of Medicine M.D.
    Human Biology with Bioinformatics Concentration - Stanford University B.A.

    Selected Publications

    Journal Article

    1. Ravkov EV, Williams ESCP, Elgort M, Barker AP, Planelles V, Spivak AM, Delgado JC, Lin L, Hanley TM (2024). Reduced monocyte proportions and responsiveness in convalescent COVID-19 patients. Front Immunol, 14, 1329026. (Read full article)
    2. Potter S, Sudarshan D, Lzr-Molnr E, Baker S, Metcalf RA, Lin L (2022). Life threatening platelet transfusion refractoriness due to an anamnestic human leukocyte antigen alloantibody response. Transfusion, 62(11), 2161-2162. (Read full article)
    3. Lin L, Wyness SP, Jensen R, Bird J, Norgyal T, Jensen G, Johnson LM (2021). Comparison of Next-Generation Assays for Fecal Calprotectin vs the PhiCal Assay. Am J Clin Pathol, 157(2), 252-256. (Read full article)
    4. Wyness SP, Lin L, Jensen R, Bird J, Norgyal T, Jensen G, Johnson LM (2020). Clinical and Analytical Verification of an Automated Fecal Calprotectin Immunoassay with Extraction Device. J Appl Lab Med, 6(4), 931-941. (Read full article)
    5. Lin L, Sirohi D, Coleman JF, Gulbahce HE (2019). American Society of Clinical Oncology/College of American Pathologists 2018 Focused Update of Breast Cancer HER2 FISH Testing GuidelinesResults From a National Reference Laboratory. Am J Clin Pathol, 152(4), 479-485. (Read full article)
    6. Zare SY, Lin L, Alghamdi AG, Daehne S, Roma AA, Hasteh F, DellAquila M, Fadare O (2018). Breast cancers with a HER2/CEP17 ratio of 2.0 or greater and an average HER2 copy number of less than 4.0 per cell: frequency, immunohistochemical correlation, and clinicopathological features. Hum Pathol, 83, 7-13. (Read full article)
    7. Zare S, Lin L, Alghamdi AG, Daehne S, Roma AA, Hasteh F, DellAquila M, Fadare O (2018). Comparative Pathologic Analysis of Breast Cancers Classified as HER2/neu-Amplified by FISH Using a Standard HER2/CEP17 Dual Probe and an Alternative Chromosome 17 Control Probe. Am J Surg Pathol, 42(9), 1208-1215. (Read full article)
    8. Schooley RT, Biswas B, Gill JJ, Hernandez-Morales A, Lancaster J, Lessor L, Barr JJ, Reed SL, Rohwer F, Benler S, Segall AM, Taplitz R, Smith DM, Kerr K, Kumaraswamy M, Nizet V, Lin L, McCauley MD, Strathdee SA, Benson CA, Pope RK, Leroux BM, Picel AC, Mateczun AJ, Cilwa KE, Regeimbal JM, Estrella LA, Wolfe DM, Henry MS, Quinones J, Salka S, Bishop-Lilly KA, Young R, Hamilton T (2017). Development and Use of Personalized Bacteriophage-Based Therapeutic Cocktails To Treat a Patient with a Disseminated Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Infection. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 61(10). (Read full article)
    9. Sorg RA, Lin L, van Doorn GS, Sorg M, Olson J, Nizet V, Veening JW (2016). Collective Resistance in Microbial Communities by Intracellular Antibiotic Deactivation. PLoS Biol, 14(12), e2000631. (Read full article)
    10. Huang YM, Miao Y, Munguia J, Lin L, Nizet V, McCammon JA (2016). Molecular dynamic study of MlaC protein in Gram-negative bacteria: conformational flexibility, solvent effect and protein-phospholipid binding. Protein Sci, 25(8), 1430-7. (Read full article)
    11. Lin L, Kim J, Chen H, Kowalski R, Nizet V (2016). Component Analysis of Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions To Enhance Activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 60(7), 4259-63. (Read full article)
    12. Kumaraswamy M, Lin L, Olson J, Sun CF, Nonejuie P, Corriden R, Dhrmann S, Ali SR, Amaro D, Rohde M, Pogliano J, Sakoulas G, Nizet V (2016). Standard susceptibility testing overlooks potent azithromycin activity and cationic peptide synergy against MDR Stenotrophomonas maltophilia. J Antimicrob Chemother, 71(5), 1264-9. (Read full article)
    13. Lin L, Nonejuie P, Munguia J, Hollands A, Olson J, Dam Q, Kumaraswamy M, Rivera H Jr, Corriden R, Rohde M, Hensler ME, Burkart MD, Pogliano J, Sakoulas G, Nizet V (2015). Azithromycin Synergizes with Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides to Exert Bactericidal and Therapeutic Activity Against Highly Multidrug-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacterial Pathogens. EBioMedicine, 2(7), 690-8. (Read full article)
    14. Hensler ME, Jang KH, Thienphrapa W, Vuong L, Tran DN, Soubih E, Lin L, Haste NM, Cunningham ML, Kwan BP, Shaw KJ, Fenical W, Nizet V (2014). Anthracimycin activity against contemporary methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. J Antibiot (Tokyo), 67(8), 549-53. (Read full article)
    15. van Sorge NM, Cole JN, Kuipers K, Henningham A, Aziz RK, Kasirer-Friede A, Lin L, Berends ETM, Davies MR, Dougan G, Zhang F, Dahesh S, Shaw L, Gin J, Cunningham M, Merriman JA, Htter J, Lepenies B, Rooijakkers SHM, Malley R, Walker MJ, Shattil SJ, Schlievert PM, Choudhury B, Nizet V (2014). The classical lancefield antigen of group a Streptococcus is a virulence determinant with implications for vaccine design. Cell Host Microbe, 15(6), 729-740. (Read full article)


    1. Al-Attar A, Kumar KR, Untersee D, ODriscoll M, Ventura MFS, Lin L (2023). Automation in flow cytometry: Guidelines and review of systems. [Review]. Cytometry B Clin Cytom. (Read full article)


    1. Lin L, Carlquist J, Sinclair W, Hall T, Lopansri BK, Bennett ST (2020). Experience With False-Positive Test Results on the TaqPath Real-Time Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Testing Platform. [Letter to the editor]. Arch Pathol Lab Med, 145(3), 259-261. (Read full article)


    1. Lin L, Ng D, Rets A, George TI (2023). Middle-aged Patient with a History of Acute Myeloid Leukemia [Web]. Available:
    2. Lin L, Evason KJ (2019). Chronic hepatitis-grading/staging [Web]. Available:
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