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Did You Know There's a Vaccine for Some Cancers?

Infographic HPV

You can protect your child against several cancers with a safe and effective vaccine. "The human papillomavirus is the leading cause of cervical and anal cancers. It strikes both men and women—and can be prevented through vaccinations," says Ellie Brownstein, MD, a pediatrician at University of Utah Health. "This virus, which is spread through sexual contact, is very common and many people carry it without symptoms. The problem is that an asymptomatic person can pass on the virus to a partner or spouse which can lead to cancer."

Here's how the rate of HPV vaccinations in Utah compares with other states.


Schedule Your Child's Vaccination

The HPV vaccine is a three-dose series of shots. The ideal time to administer the first dose to boys and girls is at age 11 or 12. "This is because the vaccine is most effective at this age, and to be truly effective we need to vaccinate kids before they are exposed to the virus," says Brownstein. "Vaccinations are safe, effective and can prevent cancer."

Schedule an appointment with your child's pediatrician and protect your child against HPV. To find a pediatrician near you, visit this page or call 801-581-2205.