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Signs Your Child May Be Autistic04/28/2017
10 Celebrities Who Struggle With Mental Health04/26/2017
Six Things You Should Do To Protect Your Eyes04/25/2017
You Will Pay for Distracted Driving04/24/2017
Understanding the Autistic Spectrum04/24/2017
Helping Kids Through Grief04/20/2017
Do You Need a Prostate Cancer Screening? 04/12/2017
Add Eggs to the Menu! 04/11/2017
Get Ready to Race04/06/2017
Recovery After the Race04/05/2017
Don't Go Bacon My Heart04/03/2017
Tough Workouts? You Could Be Dehydrated03/27/2017
March is Eye Donor Month03/22/2017
Delirium: When You Should Be Concerned About Confusion03/22/2017
The New Battle Against Addiction03/21/2017
Your Mother's Eyes and Your Father's High Cholesterol03/21/2017
Nutrition: Why It Matters When Training03/17/2017
Buzzed Driving is Bad Luck03/17/2017
What is a "Premarital Exam?"03/14/2017
Fatty Liver -- and Your Kids03/14/2017
Can Your Eyes Get a Sunburn? 03/13/2017
How is Your Heart Health? 03/13/2017
Why You Should Donate Blood03/07/2017
Improve Your Running Form03/03/2017
After the Baby03/02/2017
Marijuana and the Teen Brain 02/28/2017
Take Care of Your Vagina02/28/2017
What is Inversion? 02/27/2017
Heartburn Remedies and Kidney Damage02/24/2017
How to Train: The Long Run02/23/2017
Running in the Cold02/17/2017
Seven Reasons Why Loving Relationships Are Good For You 02/14/2017
Treating Mental Illness with Electroconvulsive Therapy02/13/2017
Do You Have a Loved One Living with Vision Loss? Here’s How to Help.02/13/2017
Infant "Wearables" and Safety02/13/2017
The Truth About Twins02/09/2017
Aortic Advancements: Making Surgery Smaller02/09/2017
Paper Towel to Clean Your Glasses? No!02/06/2017
Smart Super Bowl Snacks02/03/2017
Debunking Detox Diets02/02/2017
What is Primary Care?01/25/2017
Yoga Benefits for Men01/25/2017
Are Fitbits Better than Low-Carb Sliced Bread? The Truth About Health Wearables01/13/2017
Smart Race Training01/13/2017
Headphones and Your Hearing01/12/2017
Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight01/11/2017
Want to Lose Weight? Pay Attention to Body Composition01/09/2017
Five Easy, Healthy Food Swaps To Help You Lose Weight01/06/2017
Six Ways to Dump-Proof Your New Year’s Resolutions01/05/2017
The Mesentery: Is It An Organ? 01/05/2017
Dying of a Broken Heart12/29/2016
Are You Suffering From Anxiety or Depression? 12/28/2016
Reasons People Call Poison Control During the Holidays12/21/2016
Want to be Happy? Help Others.12/19/2016
Pitfalls of Holiday Parties 12/19/2016
Retinal Detachment Sidelines Vikings Coach12/14/2016
Don’t End Up in the ER this Holiday Season12/14/2016
Fractures, Sprains, and Strains, Oh My! 12/07/2016
Alcohol and Melanoma: A New Link12/07/2016
Can You Control Your Shopping Urges?12/05/2016
Why Do We Have Bones? 11/29/2016
Preventing Diabetic Eye Disease11/28/2016
Why Football Players Need Strong Bones11/24/2016
Avoiding Asthma Attacks in the Winter11/18/2016
Concussions: How they Can Affect You Now and Later  11/17/2016
Why do Head Injuries Bleed so Much? 11/17/2016
Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy 11/16/2016
Coping With Anxiety11/16/2016
Interacting With the Visually Impaired11/11/2016
Debunking Old Wives Tales11/11/2016
Have We Found the Canine Fountain of Youth?11/08/2016
When a Mole is Something More10/28/2016
Pumping Iron: Safety Tips Weight Lifting 10/28/2016
You Don't Have to Give Out Candy10/28/2016
Conversion Disorder: Mind Over Matter10/27/2016
Safe Sleeping for Newborns10/24/2016
EpiPen sticker shock? No problem. We’ll make our own.10/24/2016
Stay Safe on Halloween10/21/2016
Halloween Contact Lenses: Scarier than They Look!10/20/2016
You Are What You Tweet? 10/18/2016
Handling Election Stress10/14/2016
Tips for Tooth Brushing10/12/2016
Poison Control: Something You Never Outgrow10/12/2016
Savi Scout: Making Lumpectomies Easier For Women With Breast Cancer10/06/2016
10 Common Health Care Terms: Do You Know Them?10/04/2016
Your First Pregnancy Appointment10/04/2016
What is the Difference Between an OB/GYN and a Midwife? 10/03/2016
Kidney Stones and Roller Coasters09/29/2016
A Boy's Guide to Puberty09/27/2016
Don't Rub Your Eyes09/22/2016
A Girl's Guide to Puberty09/22/2016
Vision Changes as We Age: What’s Normal, What’s Not? 09/09/2016
Get Ready to Hit the Slopes09/09/2016
The Brain Benefits of Pokemon GO09/01/2016
Should I Use an Expired EpiPen? 09/01/2016
Price Increase of Life-Saving EpiPen Sparks Outrage08/29/2016
The Rise of Fentanyl Deaths08/29/2016
Kids’ Vision and Learning08/26/2016
Why Your Child Needs a Back to School Routine08/26/2016
Money and Your Health08/25/2016
5 Back-to-School Health Concerns 08/23/2016
I’m Having a Baby. Can I Keep My Pet?08/18/2016
Get Up Out of Your Chair08/17/2016
Anatomy of an Olympic Sprinter08/17/2016
Top 10 Health Concerns for Olympic Athletes 08/16/2016
Dependent, Not Addicted: Infants in the Opioid Epidemic08/15/2016
Anatomy of an Olympic Gymnast08/12/2016
Who are the Professionals Who Care for Your Eyes? 08/11/2016
10 Lessons in Perseverance that Olympic Athletes Can Teach Us 08/11/2016
Eat Like an Olympian 08/10/2016
Anatomy of an Olympic Swimmer08/10/2016
Gold Medals and…Purple Spots?08/09/2016
Risks of Salt Poisoning08/05/2016
Smoke Filled Skies Cause Health Concerns08/04/2016
Don't Throw Out Your Floss08/03/2016
Increased Injuries Blamed on Trampoline Parks08/01/2016
Healthy Summer Smoothies 07/27/2016
Mountain Biking Safety 07/21/2016
Home, Dangerous Home?07/21/2016
Kids and Milk Allergies07/20/2016
Norovirus Possible at the Republican National Convention07/19/2016
Utah Hospital first in the US to explore X-ray system's potential07/15/2016
Pokemon Go: Virtual World, Real Chance for Injury07/12/2016
Pick the Right Convenient Snack07/11/2016
Atrial Fibrillation -- Are You at Risk? 07/06/2016
Sparklers Dazzle Your Eyes, Don't Let Them Burn!07/01/2016
Mosquito Borne Illnesses06/30/2016
Improve Heart Health With the Mediterranean Diet 06/29/2016
No More FluMist -- Which Means More Flu Shots06/28/2016
Floaters & Flashes: Cause for Concern? 06/21/2016
Banned Blood: Why Not Everyone Can Donate06/14/2016
10 Facts you Need to Know About Zika Virus06/14/2016
Coping on Father's Day When Dad Has Passed Away06/13/2016
Is It Cancer? 06/10/2016
When Your Kid Wants to Become a Vegetarian06/08/2016
My Child has Pink Eye! Should I Call a Doctor? 06/08/2016
Worries About an Antibiotic Resistant "Superbug" 06/03/2016
Prince and the Rising Fentanyl Epidemic06/03/2016
Top 10 Sports to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Summer06/02/2016
Making Melanoma Screenings More Patient Friendly06/01/2016
Don't Fall Victim to "Trauma Season" 05/26/2016
I Have a Tilted Uterus. Should I Worry?05/26/2016
Healthy Vision: It Takes More Than Carrots05/25/2016
Happy Feet are Healthy Feet05/24/2016
Summer Skin: Then and Now05/22/2016
Silent Heart Attacks Can Still Be Deadly05/17/2016
Benign Breast Lumps: What You Need to Know05/17/2016
Penis Transplants Unlikely to Become Common05/17/2016
Car Windows Won't Protect you from UV Rays05/16/2016
Probiotics: What Do They Do? 05/16/2016
Sunglasses for Everyone05/11/2016
Electronic Cigarettes Put Kids at Risk 05/10/2016
You May Have Hepatitis C and Not Know It05/06/2016
A Bitter Pill: Fighting Antibiotic Overuse05/04/2016
Not All Fun and Games: Playground Injuries Rising05/03/2016
Melanoma Monday: What You Need to Know05/02/2016
Fast Facts About Infetility04/28/2016
Detergent Dangers04/25/2016
New Hope for Tourette’s04/25/2016
Talk Like a Teacher04/22/2016
Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome04/19/2016
Zika Link to Birth Defects Confirmed: What's Next? 04/14/2016
Be Ready to Run to the Finish 04/14/2016
Allergy Proof Your Home04/11/2016
YOU Need an Advance Directive04/11/2016
Contact Lens Wearers: Stay in Contact with your Eye Care Professional04/08/2016
Heartburn and Infant Hair04/06/2016
What You Don't Expect When Expecting04/06/2016
Artificial Joint Replacement and Dentistry04/01/2016
The Fight Against Sepsis03/30/2016
The Impacts of Caffeine on Miscarriage03/30/2016
Mammograms and Heart Disease03/28/2016
More Medications, More Potential Problems03/23/2016
Eye Donor Month03/22/2016
Helping New Moms Learn to Breastfeed03/22/2016
Night of the Toddler03/14/2016
Common Colonoscopy Questions03/11/2016
5 Things About Your Vasectomy03/11/2016
Is Marijuana the Next "Big Tobacco?"03/11/2016
What is Meldonium? 03/08/2016
Common Colorectal Cancer Questions03/07/2016
Invaders in Your DNA03/03/2016
Is Your Eye Health Going Up in Smoke? 03/03/2016
Zika and Guillain-Barre03/02/2016
6 Ways to Reduce Anxiety 02/29/2016
Does Your Kid Stink? 02/26/2016
Could Coffee Prevent Cirrhosis? 02/22/2016
Caring for the Caregivers02/17/2016
Surviving the Inversion02/11/2016
The Risks of "One Last Run" 02/10/2016
Dealing With the Toddler Appetite Slump02/10/2016
Not Female Problems: 5 Conditions Also Affecting Men02/09/2016
Zika Virus and Sexual Transmission: The Facts02/03/2016
The Super Bowl and The Flu02/02/2016
The Tooth Timeline02/01/2016
The Real Risks of Zika Virus01/27/2016
When Sick Kids Should Stay Home01/26/2016
Winterizing Your Skin01/19/2016
How Combat Explosions Injure the Brain 01/14/2016
Conception After Miscarriage: New Research on Waiting01/12/2016
What is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension? 01/11/2016
The Best Diets for 201601/08/2016
The Impacts of Plant Protein on Chronic Kidney Disease01/05/2016
Beating the Winter Blues01/05/2016
Treating Winter Rosacea 01/05/2016
Risky Business: Medication Non-Adherence01/04/2016
Take it Slow When Recovering From a Concussion12/31/2015
Holiday Hazards12/22/2015
Share Your Eye Diagnosis with Family 12/21/2015
Stay Safe on the Slopes12/21/2015
Can You Get LASIK Satisfaction? 12/18/2015
Take Your Medicine (Correctly)!12/16/2015
Five Cheers for Winter12/10/2015
The Need for Naloxone12/09/2015
Keep an Eye on Your Makeup Routine12/07/2015
Santa Needs to Lose Some Weight12/07/2015
Tiny Fish Teach Big Lessons12/02/2015
Sugar Free Drinks Can Still Damage Teeth11/30/2015
Beware the Burn of the Bird11/24/2015
Eye on Diabetes11/23/2015
Legislators Get a Crash Course in What it Takes to Become a Doctor11/20/2015
Watch Where You Walk11/19/2015
Charlie Sheen Admits He is HIV Positive11/17/2015
Herpes: The Blistering Facts11/16/2015
Why Am I Out of Breath? 11/13/2015
Football and Kidney Lacerations 11/12/2015
A New Target for Blood Pressure11/09/2015
Rethinking Antibiotics to Treat Acne11/06/2015
UNI’s ROPES Course Doesn’t Disappoint11/02/2015
Paying for Mammograms: Does my Insurance Cover Breast Cancer Screening?11/02/2015
Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Patient Age Matters10/27/2015
Death by Bacon? Not Likely. 10/26/2015
Changing Mammogram Guidelines: What They Mean10/23/2015
Teal for Treats10/22/2015
Talking to Kids About Trauma10/21/2015
The Meaning of Many Moles10/19/2015
Fight Breast Cancer With These Foods10/16/2015
Is Your Job Increasing Your Risk for Stroke? 10/15/2015
The Threat of MRSA in Sports10/13/2015
The Bra Truth 10/13/2015
Rabid Sports Fandom Can Make You Healthier 10/09/2015
Breast Cancer: 1 in 8 Will Be Diagnosed | Breast Assured10/08/2015
Death by Touchdown?10/08/2015
Surviving GameDay10/07/2015
Salud del Seno y Usted | Breast Assured10/05/2015
Breast Health Self-Exams & You | Breast Assured10/01/2015
A Warning Sign of Stroke09/30/2015
Busting Mammogram Myths09/24/2015
Lice Are Not Nice09/22/2015
Concerns About Hand Sanitizer09/15/2015
Teeth Straightening: Don't Do it Yourself09/14/2015
Avoiding a Painful Commute09/03/2015
Senator Rand Paul Visits Moran Eye Center, Partners with Global Outreach Division in Haiti09/03/2015
How to Eat Like a Ute Football Player 09/02/2015
The Expanding Role of AMH as a Predictor of Fertility 09/01/2015
Super Foods for Fall09/01/2015
New Hope for Women With PCOS08/31/2015
Too Much Water? It's Possible, and a Problem08/27/2015
We Are a Nation in Pain: 4 Ideas for Good “Pain Health”08/25/2015
A Link Between Citrus and Skin Cancer? 08/24/2015
Blinded By a Flash? No, But Other Hazards Exist for Kids' Eyes08/24/2015
Jimmy Carter's Cancer Diagnosis: What We Know08/20/2015
Managing Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Diet08/13/2015
How Pretzels and Q-tips Can Help Your Kid Master Handwriting 08/11/2015
A Problem With Pacifiers? 08/11/2015
Is Your Child Dehydrated? 08/11/2015
Miscarriage and Misconceptions08/11/2015
Oodles of Zoodles08/05/2015
When Picky Eating is a Problem08/04/2015
Train Your Voice08/03/2015
Serious Sunburns 07/31/2015
How Do Drugs Get Their Names? 07/31/2015
Pedestrian Injuries Are More Common Than You Think07/28/2015
Kids’ Eyeglasses: Fit is Everything07/27/2015
Ride Smart: ATV Safety07/16/2015
Nothing is Funny About Ring Avulsion07/15/2015
Fermented Foods are Totally In Right Now07/15/2015
Stop the Room From Spinning: Causes and Treatments of Vertigo 07/14/2015
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wearing Contacts in the Pool07/14/2015
Busy Streets, Increased Pollution?07/13/2015
Sex Selection Raises Legal, Ethical Concerns07/10/2015
Spot the Signs of Heat Exhaustion07/10/2015
Unborn Babies Respond to Mother’s Touch07/10/2015
Health Care at Your Doorstep07/10/2015
The Danger of Cutting Your Cuticles07/08/2015
"Tweaking" the Test07/07/2015
Restaurant Lingo Decoded07/06/2015
Don't Injure Your Eye This 4th of July07/02/2015
"Independence Day(s)” For Low-Vision Adults07/02/2015
Ready for Anything: The Life of a Physician Assistant07/01/2015
Recipes: Smart Summer Snacks07/01/2015
Heat Stroke: More Serious Than You Think07/01/2015
Bandaging Basics06/30/2015
Utah's Only Practicing Oral Pathologist06/30/2015
Is It Safe to Drink from a Garden Hose?06/29/2015
This Is Why You Gain Weight After Having Kids06/29/2015
Your Kids May Not Be Drinking Enough Water06/26/2015
How to Prevent Dad Injuries06/26/2015
5 Ways to Rock a Healthy Dad Bod06/26/2015
Take Two Aspirin and Text Me in the Morning06/25/2015
Recipes: Cold Soups for Warm Days06/25/2015
To Binge or Not to Binge06/24/2015
Don't Fall in the Summer06/24/2015
How to Stay Safe at Pools This Summer06/24/2015
Think Before You Ink: Tattoos May Cause Adverse Skin Reactions06/24/2015
Take a Road Trip to Wellness06/23/2015
Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned? 06/22/2015
4 Foods for Your Heart06/19/2015
Recipes: Skinny Smoothies06/18/2015
Eye on Sports Injuries06/18/2015
Pedicure Precautions06/17/2015
How Safe is DEET? 06/16/2015
Don't Spend Your Vacation in the Bathroom 06/16/2015
Simple, Low-Cost Activities to Keep Kids Active06/15/2015
5 Factors That Affect Fertility06/15/2015
Top 5 Reasons to See a Sexual Dysfunction Specialist06/15/2015
Melanoma: Keep Your Enemy Close06/12/2015
Steps to Prevent Skin Cancer 06/08/2015
Body Shaming Post Pregnancy: What You Should Focus On06/08/2015
How Dangerous Are Drones? 06/08/2015
Many Adults Don’t Take Proper Care of Their Teeth06/05/2015
4 Ways to Reduce Allergens at Home06/05/2015
Who’s Your Sasquatch? Nominate Your Hairy Daddy for a Laser Hair Removal Package 06/04/2015
Recipes: Cool Dips for Warm Days06/04/2015
4 Body Pains Women Shouldn’t Ignore 06/04/2015
Could Gel Manicures Increase Your Risk for Skin Cancer?06/04/2015
Is It a Cold … or Allergies? 06/03/2015
Overdose Deaths From Prescription Painkillers Skyrocket06/03/2015
Tricks to Eating Better When Eating Out 06/01/2015
Are You Sun Safe When You Exercise? 06/01/2015
University of Utah Grad Will Be Rwanda's First Speech Pathologist05/29/2015
To Beard or Not to Beard? Research Shows Clean-Shaven Workers May Shed More Bacteria from Their Faces Than Bearded Ones05/28/2015
The Facts About Anthrax05/27/2015
Teens & Body Shaming: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Teen Have a Better Body Image05/26/2015
Custom Cataract Surgery: Choice is the Name of the Game05/26/2015
Staying Healthy After a Break-Up05/26/2015
Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Rare and Dangerous05/22/2015
What Time of Day Are Most Babies Born?05/22/2015
Body Donors Honored05/22/2015
Know the Subtle Signs of Stroke05/21/2015
Should I “Pump and Dump” If I Drink Alcohol Before Breastfeeding?05/20/2015
5 Tips to Start Trail Running05/19/2015
5 Smart Food Swaps That Save Calories 05/19/2015
4 Hidden Sources of Gluten05/18/2015
Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?05/18/2015
New Baby? The Five Questions You Probably Have05/15/2015
Body Shaming--A Cultural Epidemic05/11/2015
Family Health Histories: We Know They're Valuable, So Why Don't we Collect Them?05/08/2015
Vaginal Vs. Cesarean Delivery05/08/2015
Divorce May Increase Risk of Heart Attack05/07/2015