May 18, 2015 9:00 AM

Author: Office of Public Affairs

Move over, mascara. Eyelash extensions are the new rage. But what are they exactly, and are they safe? 

Extensions are synthetic fibers that look like eyelashes. They are glued onto natural lashes, one by one, last up to two months and fall out with your natural eyelashes. Amy Lin, MD, an ophthalmologist at University of Utah Health’s Moran Eye Center, discusses whether they’re safe.

“I have seen two patients in my clinic in the past month with allergic eye reactions, and they had to have the eyelash extensions removed,” Lin says.

Another consideration: Extensions can damage natural eyelashes if they are too heavy for the lash follicles to support them. So while extensions might give you fuller lashes now, they may weaken your natural lashes in the long run. 

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