Feb 05, 2020 7:00 AM

Avoiding Shoveling Injuries

It doesn't matter if you're a veteran snow shoveler or more of a beginner—save your back with these tips. Otherwise, you may end up suffering from back pain.

Low back pain is most often caused by strain or exertion from something you don't normally do—like snow shoveling. It also affects 70 percent of people at some time in their life.

Pace Yourself

First off, pace yourself! Take breaks when you are tired. Don't overwork and be aware of your heartrate.

How to Shovel Snow: Infographic

Rely on Your Legs

Keep your back straight and engage your shoulder muscles. Use your legs as much as possible. Push the snow rather than lift it.

Don't Twist and Toss

Twisting your back while you handle heavy snow can cause an injury. Stay upright and use your arms and legs when you can.

Hug the Shovel

Keep the shovel close to your body as you work. The further the shovel is from your body, the heavier it feels and the higher change it will strain your back.

Injured Your Back?

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