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  • What's Going on Down There? Hernias 101

    Feb 22, 2018

    Hernias occur more often than you may think. Having a better understanding of this condition and the repercussions of a hernia will shed light on this sometimes painful and surprisingly prevalent condition. ... Read more

  • Should You Be Eating Activated Charcoal?

    Oct 27, 2017

    Black baked goods, ice creams, coffees, and lemonades are popping up on store shelves and in hip restaurants and all are getting their dark hues from the same source: activated charcoal. ... Read more

  • Fatty Liver -- and Your Kids

    Mar 14, 2017

    George Michael’s death at age 53 was a shock to the world. People were shocked again when it was released earlier this week that it appeared he had died of natural causes – heart disease and fatty liver. Even more shocking than that? Your children may be suffering from one of those conditions. ... Read more

  • Heartburn Remedies and Kidney Damage

    Feb 24, 2017

    People taking proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for heartburn and acid reflux may be at risk for kidney damage. ... Read more