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About Advanced Practice Clinicians

Nationally Recognized

Among the top in cancer research and care. The only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Mountain West.

At Huntsman Cancer Institute, advanced practice clinicians (APCs) are important members of the patient care team. They work closely with doctors to help provide these services for patients:

  • conduct health histories and physical exams
  • diagnose and treat illnesses
  • prescribe medicines
  • order and interpret lab tests

All APCs hold postgraduate degrees and are board-certified in their practice areas. Huntsman Cancer Institute's advanced practice providers include these types:

  • nurse practitioners (NP)
  • clinical nurse specialists (CNS)
  • nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)
  • physician assistants (PAs)

Practice Areas

Huntsman Cancer Institute APCs contribute to outstanding cancer care and also support clinical research on new and better cancer treatments. Our team practices within the following areas:

  • Inpatient units:
    • Blood and marrow transplant (BMT) unit
    • HCH-4 – 4th floor medical oncology
    • HCH-5 – 5th floor surgical oncology
    • Huntsman Cancer Institute Intensive Care Unit (HICU)
  • Outpatient clinics:
    • Clinic 1A – head and neck, thoracic/lung, Supportive Oncology & Survivorship, pain management
    • Clinic 2B – interventional radiology, urology, gastrointestinal
    • Clinic 2C – dermatology, melanoma
    • Clinic 2D – hematology, Supportive Oncology & Survivorship
    • Clinic 2E – BMT/multiple myeloma, genetics
    • Clinic 3A – breast, mammography, gynecology, neurology, sarcoma
    • Huntsman Acute Care (HAC)
    • Radiation oncology
    • Surgery

Professional Development

We provide numerous opportunities for ongoing professional development for APCs at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Job Opportunities

Huntsman Cancer Institute Advanced Practice Care Fellowship Opportunity

Explore this exciting opportunity to complete a 12 month training program with the Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) Service at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The Postgraduate Oncology APC training program will prepare APCs to care for cancer patients as part of a multidisciplinary team.

As a valued member of a dynamic team, the APC is on the front-line of patient care. The person chosen for this full-time, benefited position, will train with a multiple different teams of to provide care for oncology patients at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This approach will allow for understanding of the most common cancers and the differing treatment options.

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