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Nursing Practice and Patient Care

Nursing is an integral and valued part of the multidisciplinary care teams at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Like all Huntsman Cancer Institute staff, nurses are guided by our principles and vision. Our nurses are committed to providing quality, compassionate, and evidence-based care to ensure an exceptional patient and family experience before, during, and after cancer treatment. Huntsman Cancer Institute takes pride in growing and developing the next generation of oncology nurses.

Education and Training

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cancer care, Huntsman Cancer Institute values a specialized oncology nursing workforce that is able to provide expert patient care and navigate unique challenges with strength and adaptability. We support our nurses in their practice through education, training, and professional development.

“Huntsman Cancer Institute's nursing team is a source of inspiration. Their unwavering compassion makes a powerful difference in patients' lives during a challenging time. Thank you for being part of this remarkable team!”

Julia Beynon, MHI, BSN, RN
Senior Nursing Administrator

The Caring Promise of Nursing

As part of University of Utah Health, we are guided by the professional practice model called The Caring Promise of Nursing:

As part of University of Utah Health, we are guided by the professional practice model called The Caring Promise of Nursing:

  • We are lifelong learners who engage in research to advance practice and contribute to the pool of medical evidence.
  • We use evidence-based practice, safety, and quality measures to provide exceptional care.
  • With courage, we lead by example.
  • We work collaboratively as vital members of a health team.
  • As a voice for our patients, we advocate for care that aligns with their wishes and is in their best interest.
  • We empower patients to participate in their health care and take a role in their continued wellness.

Nurses promise to care for each patient with compassion, excellence, and integrity.

Specialty Units and Clinics

Inpatient Oncology Units

  • Medical Oncology (HCH 4A & HCH 4B)
  • Surgical Oncology (HCH 5B)
  • Bone Marrow Transplant (5K)
  • Hematology (4K)
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute Intensive Care (HICU)

Outpatient Oncology Clinics

  • Clinic 1A – Head & Neck, Thoracic, Pulmonary
  • Clinic 2B – Genitourinary, Neurology Genetics
  • Clinic 2C – Dermatology, Melanoma
  • Clinic 2D – Hematology
  • Clinic 2E – Bone Marrow Transplant, Multiple Myeloma
  • Clinic 2K – Breast, Gynecology
  • Clinic 3A – Gastrointestinal, Interventional Radiology, Sarcoma, Supportive Oncology and Survivorship

Outpatient Oncology Services

Job Opportunities

Nurse smiling at a computer station
Nurse checking an IV machine

University of Utah Health ranks 1st for Inpatient Quality and 2nd for Ambulatory Quality in Vizient's 2020 annual rankings-a reflection of our staff's long-standing dedication to keeping patients at the center of our work and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

U of U Health has been a Top Tier Performer in the Vizient Inpatient Quality & Accountability Study for 11 years in a row. No other hospital has had a longer run and during that time, we have achieved the #1 ranking three times. Since its inception six years ago, we have also been a Top Tier Performer in the Ambulatory Quality & Accountability Study.