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HIV/AIDS Care: Ryan White Program

Treatment & Care for HIV/AIDS

The University of Utah Infectious Diseases Clinic (Clinic 1A) provides primary care to those infected with HIV/AIDS in Utah. Clinic 1A is also the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care to patients in the surrounding Mountain West region. 

The primary care services we provide for HIV/AIDS patients include the following:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Antiretroviral medications
  • Case management
  • Home health care
  • Nutritional services (supplement program)
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Health insurance continuation

Rosado-Santos, MD, also provides clinical care onsite to patients in the Southwestern Utah area monthly.

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Ryan White Program Goals

The overall goal of the program is to provide appropriate medical care to all HIV + patients who receive HIV services from the PCA (Primary Care Alliance/Ryan White Part C) program in the state of Utah:

  • To provide quality early intervention primary medical care for HIV/AIDS patients in Utah.
  • To increase awareness about transmission of HIV and living with and treatment of HIV disease.
  • To have a formal mechanism for consumer input and involvement in the PCA program.
  • To ensure that PCA clients are receiving quality treatment and care.

Clinic 1A has been treating HIV/AIDS patients since 1988. The infectious diseases division receives grant funding from the Ryan White Part B and Part C programs to provide primary care for HIV/AIDS patients.

Case Management Services

The Infectious Disease Clinic (Clinic 1A) case management program consists of onsite medical case management to assess a patient's psychosocial needs and coordinate care with the HIV treatment team. Additionally, the team also provides outreach case management services, and managers educate and link patients to community resources which promote health and self-sufficiency.

Case managers provide community-based assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of patients who require more intensive follow-up and assistance. Each case manager works directly with the HIV medical provider to coordinate overall treatment goals and provide continuity of care across the patient's spectrum of medical and psychosocial needs.

Case management services are available to all Clinic 1A patients enrolled in Utah’s Ryan White B, C, and D programs.

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ID/HIV/AIDS Services
Nursing Services
Pharmacist Services
Case Management Services 

HIV Clinic Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Our HIV clinic seeks input from people who get care for HIV at our clinic through our Consumer Advisory Board (CAB). The CAB is how providers, clients, and the community speak with each other. CAB members provide feedback and connection between the clinic’s providers, administration, and the community. They give the community information about services and bring community concerns, needs, and ideas for improving services to the clinic providers.

While the CAB as an advisory board can’t make decisions about how University of Utah Health runs the clinic, CAB members can help provide their knowledge and experience as customers and patients. This way the clinic's services can be adjusted whenever possible to better meet community needs.

The CAB is open to anyone that gets HIV care at our clinic. To join please text, call, or email our coordinators.

CAB Coordinators

Mandy Danzig: LCSW
Kevin Packer:

Text or call 385-246-3370


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