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Recreation Services from PEAK

Leisure Consultations

One-on-one leisure consultations are aimed at educating individuals on their leisure and recreation as a whole and providing the tools to assist individuals in attaining a more well-rounded work/life/leisure balance. Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their leisure attitudes, motivations, satisfactions, and interests through a series of leisure assessments prior to attending.

Throughout the consultation there will be a discussion of results as well as assisting the client in creating an action plan to incorporate new leisure activities into their current lifestyle. Consultations are offered as 30 or 60-minute sessions. Call PEAK at 801-585-7325 or email to schedule an appointment.

Leisure Education Workshops

Leisure education workshops are aimed at informing groups on the importance of leisure and the positive impact that a leisure filled lifestyle can have on one's quality of life. The workshops will provide education on leisure as a broad concept, allow for discussion about more specific ways to implement leisure into one's life and inform participants on goal setting and motivation. Overall, participants will understand the opportunities, potentials and challenges in leisure and how leisure has the ability to enhance life satisfaction. To schedule a time for our leisure consultants to come to your place of work to present email us at


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