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University of Utah Hospital Nursing Critical Care Internship

Canceled - Critical Care Internship

Canceled - Summer 2023 Cohort Information Session w/ Q&A

The CCI Information Session w/ Q&A for March 20th is canceled.

We are excited to announce that U of U Health is moving to an ICU Residency Program for new graduates that includes a Transition To Practice (TTP), arriving Summer of 2023. As a result, CCI is being put on hold as we transition to this new process. We understand that this may be discouraging news for those of you applying to our next cohort, however we would like to reassure you that this, our new program, will be a wonderful opportunity for nurses looking to enter the critical care nursing specialty. We will keep this website updated and tentatively plan a future Q&A session in the near future. Thank you.

To apply for open positions at U of U Health, please visit the jobs portal.


To find out more information please contact:

Koula Brillos, BSN, RN
CCI Program Manager

Stewart Van Cleave, BSN, RN, CCRN
CCI Program Manager