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University of Utah Hospital Nursing Education Programs

Why Choose University of Utah Health?

University of Utah Health is a Level 1 Trauma Center and nationally recognized Stroke Center. We rank highly and are recognized across the country for our academic research, quality standards, and overall patient experience. Our four hospitals and 88 clinics provide excellence in our comprehensive services, medical advancement, and overall patient outcomes. In order to support quality care in diversified specialty areas, our Clinical Staff Education department serves as a robust resource to the staff and community at the University of Utah Health. Our highest priority is ensuring high quality education and training for our team members.

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Transition to Practice Program

All newly hired RNs in this position will attend a weekly Transition to Practice (TTP) Program that coincides with their onboarding. This program instructs staff on policies, procedures, skills and best practices at the University of Utah Health. We offer various tracks to help develop new a RN’s skills in their specialty such as oncology, critical care, emergency care, acute care, perioperative and ambulatory clinic care. Participation in these programs is a requirement and expectation of U of U Health onboarding. For more information about these programs, please reach out to one of our team members below.

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Nurse Residency Program

If you are a newly registered nurse, we also automatically enroll you in the U of U Health Nurse Residency Program. A newly registered nurse is someone who has less than one year of applicable nursing work experience. The Nurse Residency Program supports new RNs in their first year of practice through monthly trainings focused on growing in their confidence, clinical skills, leadership and professional development skills. Nurse Residency classes will include combined multi-track sessions for diversified peer support. The Nurse Residency program also provides track-specific breakout sessions that develop new RNs in their area of specialty. For more information about these programs, please reach out to one of our team members below.

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Nurse Apprentice

In the state of Utah, we can offer exceptional nursing experiences to those still awaiting nursing licensure. Our nurse apprentices provide patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. This position includes direct contact with patients, nursing staff, and other interdisciplinary team members. Once a nurse apprentice passes their nursing board exams, they may apply to be a clinical nurse within the organization. For more information on the areas currently hiring nurse apprentices, please visit our careers home page.

Application Process

If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse at University of Utah Health and participating in these programs, please apply to your desired positions at our employment website. Once you are hired, you will automatically be enrolled into the next cohort for Transition to Practice and the Nurse Residency Program if applicable.

We offer these programs all year round to accommodate a range of staff start dates. Date of application will not impact your inclusion in these programs.

Please note it can take several weeks to process an application and hear from our Human Resources team. Our Clinical Staff Education team does not have access to view your application details or provide updates on your application process.

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Program Support Staff

Sarah Muir


  • Nursing Professional Development Lead Specialist
  • Specializing in Program Management and Leadership

Adam Young


  • Nursing Professional Development Practitioner
  • Specializing in Acute Care & Ambulatory Care

Amanda Gibbins


  • Nursing Professional Development Specialist
  • Specializing in Critical Care & Emergency Department

Kylee Nelson


  • Nursing Professional Development Specialist
  • Specializing in Oncology Program Management and Leadership