About the Internship

Summer 2023 Cohort Information Session w/ Q&A

March 20, 2023, 10am MST

To receive the Zoom link to this info session, please send an RSVP email to koula.brillos@hsc.utah.edu or stewart.vancleave@hsc.utah.edu

The Critical Care Internship (CCI) has been a proud part of the University of Utah Critical Care service line for over 18 years. Our program is designed to provide basic intensive care skills that will allow the intern to use critical thinking and research skills to identify, plan, and provide individual patient care in critical care.

We look for applicants with strong skills in:

  • Critical thinking,
  • Adaptability,
  • Communication,
  • Flexibility,
  • Team work,
  • Receiving feedback,
  • Self-driven, and
  • Being eager to learn.

Upon completion, interns are assured a position into one of the six adult critical care units or emergency department where registered nurse positions are available. Interns are required to fulfill two years of a full-time employment contract in an adult ICU at University of Utah Hospital upon completion of the program.

The CCI Program is an important part of the ICU culture at the University of Utah. Through intensive coursework, precepted clinical shifts and mentoring, the internship has helped to create an abundance of successful alumni within the critical care service line as well as other areas of the hospital.

The program’s goal is to create the most skilled, experienced, and well-rounded ICU nurses. Graduates of the program will have an increased knowledge base in all Critical Care areas, enhanced critical thinking abilities, and the clinical skills to be a successful ICU nurse.

The critical care internship is a 22-week supervised program with start dates throughout the year. The program is tailored to experienced nurses without ICU experience and to new graduates interested in critical care. The internship provides didactic and clinically supervised experiences, which will transition the nurse intern into the role of an adult critical care practitioner.

Why Should You Apply to the Nursing CCI Program?


The critical care internship program provides quality education to prepare candidates to work in the intensive care field. Along with scheduled orientation and bi-monthly conferences, interns begin Basic ICU which is an intensive course designed to teach the essentials of critical care.

The Basic ICU course provides AACN-approved online coursework, lectures by experienced educators, physicians, and technicians from within the hospital, and EKG education through hands-on teaching and testing. The course is comprised of 72 hours of modules and 16 hours of classroom work.


Clinical rotations in our Surgical ICU, Burn Trauma ICU, Medical ICU, Neuro Critical Care, Cardiovascular ICU, Emergency Department, and the Huntsman Intensive Care Unit (Oncology) are an important part of the ICU internship program.

Interns spend between 84 & 108 hours in each rotation. Work schedules during clinical rotations consist of working side-by-side with experienced RN’s who were chosen for their excellence in precepting and mentorship.


At the completion of the critical care internship program, interns are hired into one of the adult critical care units, ED, or ICU float pool. Graduates are placed in units based on current unit needs at graduation. Interns are required to fulfill two years of full-time employment in the critical care units at the University Hospital upon completion of the program.


As an intern, you’ll receive the following benefits during the program:

  • Pay at the regular hourly RN salary
  • All benefits
  • Medical and Dental insurance
  • Retirement contributions
  • Access to a community of learning and university resources

All other benefits are as an eligible benefiting fulltime employee at UUH&C: Paid time off for vacation, sick days and holidays, flexible spending accounts, on-site or near site child care, free bus and TRAX passes, discounts to University special and cultural events, and more.

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations in the following units play a major role in the ICU internship program:

  • Surgical ICU
  • Burn Trauma ICU
  • Medical ICU
  • Neuro Critical Care
  • Cardiovascular ICU
  • Emergency Department 
  • Huntsman Intensive Care Unit (oncology)

Interns spend approximately 96 hours in each rotation. Work schedules during clinical rotations will consist of working side by side with experienced RNs.

These experienced RNs are exceptional nurses chosen to teach and mentor interns as they care for patients in the different critical care settings.

How to Apply

Summer Cohort 2023

Applications for the summer (July 2023) cohort will be accepted March 27- April 12, 2023.

Summer cohort starts July 27, 2023.

To apply for the internship, please visit the jobs portal March 27- April 12, 2023. Please note that you won't be able to see the internship posting or apply for the internship before or after these dates.

New graduates

It is highly recommended that you have an externship or capstone in critical care.

BSN is strongly preferred.


Interviews will be conducted May 3-5 for the summer 2023 cohort. At this time, all interviews will be conducted in zoom format.

When applying, please include the following materials (in one document):

  • resume
  • cover letter
  • references

Your references will be checked through a skill survey after the initial application process.

Winter Cohort 2024

Applications for the winter (Feb 2024) cohort will be accepted Oct 2-18, 2023.

Winter cohort starts Feb 5, 2024.


Interviews will be conducted on Nov 15-17, 2023, for the winter 2024 cohort.


To find out more information for either cohort, please contact:

Koula Brillos, BSN, RN
CCI Program Manager
Email: koula.brillos@hsc.utah.edu

Stewart Van Cleave, BSN, RN, CCRN
CCI Program Manager
Email: stewart.vancleave@hsc.utah.edu

What Our Graduates Say

“The critical care internship was the perfect opportunity for me to start an accelerated path to my ICU career. I gained hands-on experience in multiple settings in a short amount of time—more than some nurses see over a span of years.

I loved being able to experience each different field of critical care and felt that I was able to quickly adapt to my new job with confidence in an environment that would have otherwise been very intimidating.

The CCI program was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in Critical Care!” 

—Shannon, CCI Graduate, Critical Care RN

“The internship really kick-starts you into taking care of higher acuity patients and eases you into a job that otherwise would be very intimidating. I love the types of patients we see. I love the people I work with, and the learning never stops, which is something I was looking for.”

—Kate Layne, MICU RN

“In the first six weeks, I saw more things than some nurses have seen over several years. The technology, the patient populations, the procedures, the diseases processes—it’s incredible. This internship really bridged the gap and allowed me to start focusing on whole patient care much sooner.”

—John Dimas