Meet Our Multi-Faith Chaplains

Full-Time Chaplains

Rev. Lorie Nielson, BCC

Chaplain Lorie is an ordained Zen Buddhist minister and classical yogini. "How we hold our stories in our bodies," authentic relationships, and ritual inform her ministry. Her joy/spiritual connection comes from nature, biking, skiing, swimming, and dancing.

Saundra Shanti, BCC

Chaplain Saundra is an artist and contemplative who combines art and spirituality in an imaginiative process, engaging hospital staff and patients in art-making to express themselves, explore their success or suffering, and move toward holistic well-being. She enjoys biking, hiking, yoga and the arts.

Rev. Jonathan McBrayer, BCC

Chaplain Jonathan is an ordained minister with an endorsement from the Alliance of Baptists. He enjoys helping individuals navigate their own spiritual paths while also contributing to the spirituality and wellness of the hospital system. Jonathan enjoys hiking, camping or simply an outdoor patio. 

Part-Time Chaplains

Rev. Dr. Virginia "Ginger" Memmott, BCC

Chaplain Ginger is an ordained Presbyterian minister who served in pastorates throughtout the United States and Sweden before working in hospice and becoming a chaplain. Ginger sees humor as her advantage for survival, resilience, and hope for the future.

Rev. Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin, BCC Eligible

Chaplain Bonnie is an ordained Interfaith minister who identifies as deeply spiritual and religiously eclectic. She grew up Protestant Christian, attended Catholic high school, and is a devotee of Peruvian shamanism. She is fluent in Spanish.

Life in the hospital can be hard! We are here to make your stay a little easier and to walk with you as you journey...

We minister to those of any (or no) religious or spiritual tradition. We do this through deep and non-judgemental listening and through exploring together the sources of strength, hope, meaning and purpose that "inspire" you. And, we get it...sometimes life feels like it's unraveling! We're here for that too. 

We provide spiritual counsel and facilitate different ritual practices including prayer or meditation, mindfulness, and the arts to help you connect to the Sacred. We can reach out to clergy members and faith-based resources in the community to meet tradition-specific spiritual needs while you are here. 

We're also pretty fun to talk with and can lighten your day, so please call us whenever you want a listening ear! 

Faith Line 801-213-2484

Our Purpose

To care for the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our patients and their loved ones. We emphasize patient-centered care and empower those we serve by providing them with the tools and resources they need to promote whole-being health and resiliency during and beyond their hospital experience.

Sanctuaries & Sacred Spaces

The Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room are currently under construction. We hope to welcome you to these beautiful spaces by spring 2022. For now a small Prayer Room is available 24/7 on A Level of the hospital (on your left as you walk toward the cafeteria.) Thank you for your understanding.

Faith-Specific Rituals and Services

1. Catholic Priest Sacraments: Call the Faith Line 801-213-2484 to request anointing of the sick, baptism, or Eucharist.

2. LDS Sacrament meeting: suspended until further notice due to COVID.

3. Blessings by LDS Elders and Visitors: Elders are on site every evening. Call the Faith Line 801-213-2484 to request a name be added to the visitation list. For urgent needs, contact your local branch.

4. Muslim Prayers: Prayer rugs are available at all times for use in the Prayer Room located on Level A of the hospital (on your left as you walk toward the cafeteria.)

5. Protestant prayers/rituals: Call the Faith Line to make a request of the chaplains. Personal clergy are welcome to visit patients as needed.

Contact Us

To reach a chaplain to arrange for spiritual care please call the Faith Line 801-213-2484

Please feel free to email the Spiritual Care team with any questions, curiosities or ideas.