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Patient Satisfaction Reviews


Amy Lin, MD

  • “Dr. Lin was excellent. She was competent, professional, and conscientious. I felt like I was in excellent hands for my PRK procedure.” 
  • “I have been seeing Dr. Lin and the staff regularly for a year. I had PRK surgery. It has been the best experience. The results are amazing. Dr. Lin and all of the staff are great!”
  • “Dr. Lin was incredibly thorough and thoughtful, and we decided to do LASIK on only one eye to get rid of the nearsightedness. Today, I cannot tell you how nice it is to go shopping at Costco and not feel like I’m in a fog, and to see signs on the freeway clearly. I could not be happier.” 

Mark Mifflin, MD

  • “Dr. Mifflin was very thorough and accommodating to all my questions. I appreciated his insight and thoughtfulness regarding my situation (I am an extreme case for PRK surgery) and he answered all my questions with great detail.”
  • “Dr. Miflin was wonderful! I went for a LASIK consult and found out about some other issues I had. Even though it was a free consult he went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed and the info about it. I felt very comfortable with this visit and finally feel like I have an eye doctor I can trust. So glad he was recommended to me!”
  • “I’m very happy that I do not have to wake up with glasses anymore and every day it really just gets better. I am very pleased. Thank you all.” 

Brian Zaugg, MD

  • “Dr. Zaugg was absolutely fantastic! He took care of me from beginning to end for my LASIK and I will definitely recommend him to others.”
  • “I am so happy with my results. Dr. Zaugg is amazing and I will recommend him to everyone!”
  • “A shout-out for Dr. Zaugg. He is very professional and put me at ease with his calm demeanor and knowledge of eye surgery. He took the time to listen to my questions about PRK Surgery and answer them in a way that was easy to understand and remember. He answered my questions so well, I didn't need to take notes (and I brought my phone ready to take notes). I felt taken care of the entire time. Thank you, Dr. Zaugg!”

Patient Testimonials


Fitness Coach

Brecke Ure, 36, Fitness Coach and Mother of Four

I just don’t like to wear glasses. For me, they’re a pain—but I started to need them for driving at night and watching TV and movies. I also run a lot. It’s a big part of my life, and I was at a point where I couldn’t see the mile markers coming up, or even see the route very clearly. And since I’m outside a lot, I needed prescription sunglasses, too.

So when I started considering LASIK to get rid of all the glasses, I asked around. I heard good things about the Moran Eye Center eventually got a referral to Dr. Brian Zaugg.

I liked Dr. Zaugg from the get-go. He answered all of my questions and gave me options, such as doing one eye or both. He made me feel really comfortable whatever my choice might be. And, he assured me the surgery was going to be quick and easy. I’ll admit I was kind of like…how easy could surgery be? It’s my eyes, after all. 

But he was right. I had both eyes done and it was quick and very easy on me.

Now, I’m so excited to run and see the mile markers coming up, and do all the other things I love without squinting or reaching for my glasses.

Vision before surgery: 20/50 right eye, 20/40 left eye

Vision after LASIK: 20/15 both eyes

Fitness coach

Outdoors Enthusiast

Amber Gordon, 27, University of Utah Housing/Area Coordinator

I started wearing glasses when I was five years old. As an active kid, this was not fun. I was doing gymnastics and dance and glasses didn’t really go with those activities, so my parents let me decide if I wanted to wear my glasses on stage or not. For a while, it was OK, but then it wasn’t.

I eventually switched to contacts but found them annoying. I love to hike and climb and I’m into scuba diving—and all those things are complicated with contacts because if dirt or saltwater gets in your eyes it can really irritate them. Once when I was scuba diving a contact popped out underwater. Not good!

Before moving to Utah from Florida last year I started looking into LASIK and PRK because I couldn’t see further than a foot away without glasses or contacts. I went to one of those big LASIK places and they told me I wasn't eligible for either procedure, and that I have a condition called keratoconus, and that basically I would lose my sight in 15 years. They suggested another expensive procedure and that freaked me out. 

Once I landed in Salt Lake, I found another eye doctor. He told me the LASIK place in Florida was simply wrong and referred me to Dr. Zaugg at the Moran Eye Center.

I was so relieved when Dr. Zaugg said, “Whoever told you that you couldn’t get vision correction surgery was wrong. You are definitely a candidate for PRK.” He told me he was “very conservative with vision correction,” but that he was 100 percent comfortable with doing PRK on me. I so appreciated his reassurance and confidence. 

He explained that with LASIK results are pretty immediate, but with PRK it takes a while to heal. He said with my prescription being so strong I might need a "touch up" procedure. But at my last appointment, I was seeing 20/15, which is better than 20/20! 

My entire experience was great. I can see so well now my friends make jokes about my “laser eyes.” I’ve told them all that I love Moran, and I would do it again. But of course, I’ll never have to do it again!

As for the cost, I think it was worth it. I was spending $600 a year for contacts and new glasses are about $500, so the surgery basically pays for itself in a couple of years.

Vision before surgery: 20/1000 (meaning she could not see the eye chart, could only count fingers in front of her eyes)

Vision after PRK: 20/15 both eyes

Lasik outdoors enthusiast
Lasik outdoors enthusiast

Literacy Coach and Teacher

Natalie Williams, 50, Literacy Coach and Former Sixth-Grade Teacher

My vision was really bad. I could wear contacts pretty easily but when I was teaching, the school heating system made my eyes so dry that it was hard to stay focused. Here I was teaching, and I couldn’t read in class. The kids look at you like you’re an idiot when you get the words wrong. I thought if I can’t do my job, I need some help. That’s why I decided to look into LASIK.

I was unimpressed with every place I checked out. They felt like cattle calls. Then my husband suggested Moran because his assistant had just had LASIK there and she was really happy. So I made an appointment there and felt the same way from the beginning. The people cared about me and my interests and I wasn’t just a money-maker. I appreciated that.

I ended up getting LASIK with Dr. Amy Lin.  

She was wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable. She always answered all my questions so I felt very secure. Turning over my eyes, it’s scary, if things go wrong it could be terrible, but I had a lot of confidence in her and her ability. Everyone I saw, all the staff was so kind and answered any questions. It was just a completely great experience and I am recommending her to everyone now.

I feel like it was a good value. . . it was worth what I paid for it.

Vision before surgery: 20/300 right eye, 20/200 left eye

Vision after LASIK: 20/20 both eyes

LASIK Literacy Coach and Teacher

Olympic Skier

Morgan Northrop, 26, Aerialist, U.S. Freestyle Aerial Ski Team

I’ve been training for freestyle jumping and competing in the sport since 2011 and doing my best, but I had issues with my vision. Without vision correction, I couldn’t see from the top of the run to the jump, and the top of the jump has to be my focus.

I wore contact lenses for training in the summer and glasses when competing in the winter. In both instances, it was a challenge! 

We use water ramps for summer training at the Olympic Park in Park City, and we jump with a sprinkler system. Sometimes I’d get hit in the face with water and my contacts would fall out. That was really distracting, as I would miss jumps. And sometimes when landing in the pool at the bottom of the jump I would lose contacts as well. I also had pretty bad dry eye.  On snow, I had some of the same issues wearing glasses. Something in the air or dry eye would blur my vision. It definitely affected how I was able to train and compete. 

My trainer and I agreed I needed to look into vision correction surgery, and I figured it would be LASIK. Because we wanted to avoid any possible complications, we waited until I got through the 2018 Olympics. Then he referred me to the Moran Eye Center at University of Utah Health, as they are the health care provider for the U.S. Ski Team. 

From the beginning, my experience at Moran was fantastic. I met with Dr. Mifflin, and he answered all my questions and explained the benefits of both LASIK and PRK surgeries. I’d never even heard of PRK, but he explained why he thought that would be my best option—mainly because I’m an athlete and because of my dry eye. 

Before surgery, when they mapped out my eyes the whole team was really diligent and thorough. They showed me the room where the procedure would take place and everything.  Honestly, I had almost no nerves on the day of surgery because I felt comfortable with the staff, procedure, doctor.

Today, my vision is so much better without glasses. I can look across the room and see the clock and read it. And, my dry eye feels better already; the drops and medications really improved it. 

As far as the pricing and value, I agree 100 percent with everyone I know who has had LASIK or PRK and says it’s the best money you will ever spend. For the money and value, it is fantastic.

For me, having better vision and not having to experience the problems I had with contacts and lenses makes me safer while helping me and the sport.

Vision before surgery: 20/400  20/300

Vision after PRK: 20/15 both eyes

LASIK Olympic Skier
LASIK Olympic Skier

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