Our oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery team treats abnormalities that affect the eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, orbital tissues, bones, and tear drainage system. We specialize in both functional facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

Functional Oculoplastic & Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Functional oculoplastic and facial reconstructive surgery involves repairing areas that are blocking or otherwise impairing vision. These can include:

  • Congenital defects
  • Eye/facial disorders
  • Aging
  • Burns
  • Tumors
  • Other traumatic injuries

Any of these conditions may require functional reconstructive and plastic surgery on and around the eye or eyelids.

Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery

With cosmetic facial plastic surgery, we understand that although surgery is not need to improve your vision, you may elect to have surgery to help improve your self image by enhancing facial features such as the eyelids. We can discuss your vision with you and work towards helping you look your best.

Because we are a part of University of Utah Health Care, we have an extensive team that includes other specialists in otolaryngology, neuro-radiology, neurosurgery, dermatology, and craniofacial structure.

Specific Services

  • Ptosis (droopy eyelids)
  • Brow lift/eyelid rejuvenation
  • Removal of excessive eyelid tissues
  • Botox and facial wrinkles
  • Eyelid bumps & tumors
  • Periocular skin cancer (skin tumors around the eye)
  • Orbital tumors
  • Eyelid malpositions
  • Eye Traumas
  • Thyroid eye disease
  • Blepharospasm and squeezing disorders on the eyes
  • Facial nerve palsy
  • Eyelash abnormalities
  • Congenital lacrimal obstruction (tearing in children)
  • Dacryocystorhynostomy , DCR (creating a new tear drain)
  • Entropion (eyelids that turn in)
  • Ectropion (eyelids that turn out)
  • Thyroid eye disease (protruding, irritated eyes)
  • Enucleation and evisceration (loss of an eye)
  • Artificial eye and an ophthalmic socket disorders
  • Graves' eye disease
  • Dry eyes and tearing problems
  • Temporal artery biopsies
  • Congenital disfigurements

Common Oculoplastic Surgeries

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Alison Crum, MD

Patient Rating:


4.8 out of 5

Dr. Crum has training in both oculoplastics and orbital surgery - the reconstruction of the bones around the eyes after traumas, correcting drooping eyelids, and aesthetic surgeries, such as eyelid lifts. She also practices neuro-ophthalmology - the study of how the eye connects to the brain. She provides medical and surgical treatments for visual ... Read More

Douglas P. Marx, MD

Douglas P. Marx, MD, specializes in oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery and has extensive experience in pediatric oculoplastics related to cancer and other eye socket and eyelid abnormalities. He has a particular interest in orbital tumors, eyelid and orbital reconstruction, and congenital defects. Dr. Marx practices at the John A. Moran Eye Ce... Read More


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Bhupendra C. Patel, MBBCh

Patient Rating:


4.7 out of 5

Bhupendra C. K. Patel is an expert in the management of disorders involving eyelids, periorbital tissues, lacrimal system and facial bones including fractures. His clinical research interests include thyroid disease, optic nerve disorders, orbital and eyelid tumors, blepharospasm, lacrimal surgery and facial cosmetic surgery.... Read More

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