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Connect to Your PM&R Doctor From the Comfort of Your Computer

Telemedicine lets you connect you with your doctor using a personal video call from your computer, laptop, or tablet. The Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation uses telemedicine technology for follow-up appointments with our patients.

How It Works

Just like any regular doctor's appointment, a telemedicine appointment is a private consultation between you and your doctor. But instead of meeting with a doctor in an office or clinic, a doctor examines you by using the built-in camera in your personal computer, laptop, or tablet.

Telemedicine appointments, also called videoconference appointments, usually take place within the comfort of the patient’s home. They can also take place at a health care facility close to the patient’s home if the appointment is arranged beforehand.

Benefits to Patients

Telemedicine allows patients to avoid the stress and costs of traveling to University of Utah Hospital or University of Utah Health's clinics in Salt Lake City. Telemedicine appointments give patients access to health care right from their home.

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