2019-2020 Nursing Report: A Message from Our Chief Nursing Officer

Eight years ago, we published our first-ever annual nursing report 10 creative nursing ideas. Our goal was to share our own nursing innovations, outcomes, and tools and in turn we invited you to share your ideas with us. Nurses are extremely innovative, and we were excited to spark a larger community of learning across our profession. Over the past few years, our health system has contributed to see dramatic growth, and in a few short months we will be opening a new rehabilitation hopsital, ambulatory care center, and another health center in our community. And you will see that many of the projects we are sharing this year are builty on, or inspired by, earlier initiatives. Both in our physical spaces and our nursing practice, we are truly Building Momentum.


Margaret Pearce, RN, PhD
Chief Nursing Officer
University of Utah
Health Care


Building Momentum: the 2019 U of U Health Nursing Report


Take management training to the next level

Preparing informal leaders for management positions

Show staff their numbers

Improving labor efficiency through staff awareness

Complete the care team

Enhancing Tele-ICU care through nurse collaboration

Care for the core 

Creating a special focus on nursing assistants

Give discharged patients a room for waiting

Smoothing the census with a discharge hospitality suite

Safeguard your staff

Deploying de-escalation for aggresive patients

Transform routine tasks into mindful moments

Making mindfulness practical for busy caregivers

Start with a blank slate

Innovating patient care through clinician-driven design

What does nursing innovation mean to you?

Please drop us a note if you have questions about current or past reports or share what you or your organization is doing.