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OB/GYN, Primary Care, Family Medicine, Midwifery, Fertility

Looking for a women's health provider? Women's Health Services offers routine health checkups and treatment for specialty conditions, providing quality health care for women of all ages. These services include checkups and regular health screenings with gynecology, family medicine, primary care, or OB/GYN providers. Labor and delivery services include midwifery services and specialty treatment for high-risk pregnancies.

Our other specialties include breast health, reproductive health, and treatment of gynecological cancer. We offer the global Baby Friendly program, perinatal classes, and five mid-life screenings in our 5 for Life program.

As part of an academic health center, we work closely with several departments in the University of Utah School of Medicine, which is heavily involved in ongoing research.

womens health female doctor talking to female patient in exam room
Jolyn Hill, MD, with a patient

Learn more about reproductive health options as a patient at U of U Health.

Women's Health Seminars Open to the Public

University of Utah Health Women's Health Services is proud to present free educational seminars on women's health topics. Our Zoom sessions are presented by health care experts and will address topics important to you.

Women's Health Services offers routine health checkups and treatment for specialty conditions, providing quality health care for women of all ages.

Programs, Classes, & Resources

5 for Life Screenings

A big part of staying healthy is detecting diseases early. We make it easy for you to get lifesaving tests for heart disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer in one convenient visit.

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7 Domains of Women's Health Podcast

Women's health is so much more than the problems brought to the doctor's office. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones looks at women's health through the lens of physical, emotional, social, intellectual, financial, environmental, and spiritual health—the seven domains of women's health.

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Postpartum Care

As a new mother, some common postpartum issues you may encounter include discharge, vaginal discomfort, soreness, and bladder leakage. Our specialists don't just care for you before and during pregnancy, but afterward as well.

Learn About Postpartum Care

ASCENT Center for Reproductive & Sexual Health

The center promotes sexual and reproductive health for everyone through clinical care, research, and education. We serve as a regional resource on reproductive and sexual health, rights, and justice. 

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Midlife & Menopausal Care

Experiencing hot flashes, vaginal dryness or pain, low sex drive, or other symptoms of perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause? Learn more about specialized treatment at our Midlife Program.

Learn More About the Midlife Care Program

Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

The first trimester can be an exciting, confusing, and overwhelming experience. Our Early Pregnancy Care team providers offer comprehensive, non-judgmental early pregnancy care.

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Meet Our Patients

Phases of a Woman's Life

Adolescents & Teens

During adolescence, as you know, your body begins to change with puberty and your menstrual cycle begins.

Young Adulthood - 20s

Life in your 20s is about integrating different roles. Health issues tend to reflect career and marital decisions. Managing stress and setting long-term healthy habits is important.

Adult - 30s

Your 30s are possibly the busiest time of your life. But just as you are coming into your own and feeling stronger in your identity, your body begins to show some of the first subtle signs of aging.

Mid-life - 40s

Now often considered the best years as you settle into your career and life, your 40s can also be stressful as you become sandwiched between raising a family and caring for aging parents. 

Mature - 50s+

Your 50s are the decade of the hormone--specifically, estrogen. Your estrogen level has been declining gradually as menopause gets closer.