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What is Thrive@theBedside?

Thrive@theBedside is a nurse retention program which offers unique opportunities for nurses who choose the U for their professional career. Thrive seeks to recruit and retain the best nurses in the country by helping you set and achieve your short and long term goals as a nurse.

What Does Thrive Offer?

Thrive@theBedside offers special recognition, financial strength, and growth opportunities for all nurses. While some perks require certain prerequisites, Thrive offers something for everyone, regardless of where you are in your nursing journey.

The Thrive@theBedside program looks a bit like this:


  • Peer2Peer Recognition
  • Patient Promise Award
  • Honors Banquet
  • Milestone Pins (hours@theBedside)


  • Specialty Certification
  • Annual Conference
  • Online RN-BS Program
  • Professional Practice Model

Financial Strength

  • Nursing Clinical ladder
  • Market Adjustments
  • Pay Practice Task Force
  • Finance Education

Thrive is constantly evolving. Have feedback or a great idea? Let us know! Email the Thrive team directly at

Interested in Thrive?

Ask us questions or let us know if you're interested in adopting the Thrive@theBedside program.