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For Referring Providers: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

We offer musculoskeletal ultrasounds for referring physicians. Our physicians perform diagnostic evaluations and guided injections.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Our orthopedic providers can perform evaluations for soft tissues including tendons, ligaments, and cysts. These evaluations can help dynamically identify problems with movement.

Guided Injections—Benefits

Our orthopedic specialists offer injections for all peripheral joints, nerves, cysts, and peritendinous structures. Injections are:

  • low-cost,
  • do not require contrast,
  • identify nerves & arteries accurately,
  • and have better accuracy than palpation-guided injections.

Services We Offer

We offer these types of injections:


We offer diagnostic and/or therapeutic injections for the hip, shoulder (including subacromial, glenohumeral, & AC joint), wrist, hand, foot, ankle, and elbow.

Tendon/Soft Tissue

We offer injections for tendon sheath/peritendinous areas and a variety of soft tissue injections. These include calcific tendonitis barbotage, iliopsoas tendon, biceps tendon, wrist/hand tendons, foot/ankle tendons, hamstring tendons, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and other similar conditions.

Fluid Identification

We identify fluid with or without aspiration (joints, cysts, and the like). These can include Baker’s cyst, ganglion cyst, joint effusions, and synovitis.

Dynamic Evaluations

Our specialists offer dynamic evaluations of popping or snapping musculoskeletal structures. We provide dynamic evaluations of tendons (for example, snapping hip, shoulder, or intersection syndrome).

For rotator cuff tendinopathy, lateral epicondylitis, and hamstring tendinopathy, we offer tendon fenestration.

We also offer botulinum toxin (botox injections) for focal dystonia or spasticity.


Please call the University Orthopaedic Center at 801-587-1850 and ask for a musculoskeletal ultrasound evaluation or injection with one of our providers. You will need referral in advance for these services.