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The First Evaluation

Children are evaluated at several time frames. The first evaluation we give your child is just after they are born. This often happens in the ICU. It is a gentle test of how the baby responds to being comforted and held. This testing is done by our in-patient developmental care team, and we can share the results if you request them.

Learn more about the neonatal neurobehavior scale evaluation.

Clinic Visits

Before Your Appointment

Before you visit our clinic (an outpatient clinic) a nurse will call you to give you more information about the clinic. They will also ask you questions to learn more about your child’s current developmental status and answer any of your questions.

We ask all parents to complete different questionnaires designed specifically for children with congenital heart conditions before attending their first clinic visit.

During Your Appointment

Visits are either virtual visits or in person. Learn more about these options

Depending on what age we see your child in the clinic, we evaluate things such as:

  • problem solving,
  • motor skills,
  • socialization,
  • communication,
  • language,
  • behavior,
  • executive functioning, and
  • different abilities.

Appointment Length

The appointments last up to four hours. You are welcome to bring snacks/drinks for your child to the in-person appointment. We are not able to provide food for you/your child. There is also a café with food for sale at the clinic building although food options and hours are limited. Learn more about the clinic location.

Sharing Information With Your PCP or Cardiologist

The clinic will send your PCP a summary of your visits and test results.  You can also access testing results through MyChart. Set up an account if you do not already have one or call 801-213-5555, option #1 for help. You can share the results with anyone you choose to.

Number of Visits to the HCNP Clinic

Children are evaluated four times during childhood. 

Visit One: The first visit is at six to 12 months. At this evaluation we will look at how the child moves and interacts with others and their environment.

Visit Two: The second visit is at 18–36 months (about three years). At this visit we evaluate how the child:

  • moves,
  • solves problems,
  • socializes, and
  • communicates.

Visit Three: The third visit is around five years of age. At this evaluation we look at:

  • school readiness,
  • behaviors, and
  • language. 

Visit Four: The final visit is around 12 years of age. At this visit we evaluate the child’s:

  • memory,
  • emotional well-being,
  • self-care, and
  • academic abilities.

In addition, the child and family reports on their quality of life using a questionnaire designed specifically for children with congenital heart conditions.

Follow Up Visits & Missed Appointments

My Child Is Doing Well—Should I Still Come to a Follow-Up Appointment?

We are interested in following your child regardless of how they are doing. We also want to make sure you have the best developmental care for your child we can provide. Please come to follow-up appointments if you are able.

Missed Appointments

Like you, we are very interested in your child’s development. If you have missed any of the mile marker appointments, you can still come to HCNP. Please note, all appointments are important in reviewing your child’s development needs.

Find a Heart Center Specialist

Questions? Contact Us

Please, do not hesitate to call the HCNP with any questions. Andrea Smith is a cardiology nurse and the HCNP coordinator. Phone her at at 801-213-1594 or email at