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Pediatric Assessments For Delayed Motor Skills

The Neuromotor and Motor Delay Clinic provides assessments by a neurodevelopmental pediatrician and a motor therapist (either physical therapy or occupational therapy). We evaluate children who are young (birth to 36 months) with developmental concerns, especially those who are delayed in their motor skills.

This program is part of our Child Development Program

Partnering With Primary Care Providers (PCP)s

Providers at the Neuromotor Clinic and Child Development Program do not replace your child’s primary care provider (PCP). We work in partnership with your child’s PCP. We share all the documentation from our assessments with so that we can work as a team to support your child’s development.

Scheduling an Appointment for Your Child

The neuromotor program sees patients who have been referred to the child development program or neonatal follow-up program. If we feel the neuromotor program may be helpful, we will refer you to the neuromotor program.

When we call you to schedule an appointment for your child, we will let you know if we believe it would be helpful to see your child in this clinic.

What Are Assessments Like?

You will meet with a developmental pediatrician and a physical therapist or occupational therapist at the same time. The visit will either be in person or by telemedicine and will last up to one hour.

During the visit, we will perform detailed physical and neurologic exams and standard motor testing. These tests might include the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales and the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Exam. We will view the results during the visit with the child’s caregiver. We will also make recommendations for intervention and additional evaluations if necessary.

Find more information about the child development program.

Virtual Visits or in Person Visits

We offer both virtual visits or in-person visits. Learn more about these options

Cost for the Neuromotor Clinic

The cost for our services depends on things like insurance coverage and which of our services are used. We contract with most insurance plans (including Medicaid). You may wish to contact your insurance company directly to check the coverage and your financial responsibility before your visits with us.

If you would like to discuss payment for services received, you can contact the University of Utah Medical Billing office who will work with you on payment plans and possible discounts. Their number is 801-587-6303 and can also be found on your billing statement.

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Research Programs

We are currently involved in an autism study called SPARK. If your child or anyone you know has an autism diagnosis, they can participate in SPARK. Learn more about SPARK or email our SPARK team at

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