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NantHealth and University of Utah Establish Heritage 1K Project to Discover Genetic Causes of 25 Rare and Common Diseases

Jul 25, 2016


CULVER CITY, Calif.- NantHealth, Inc., (Nasdaq: NH), a leading next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company, today announced that it has partnered with the University of Utah in analyzing the entire genomic profiles of at least 1,000 individuals who have a history of rare and life-threatening diseases and conditions in their respective families. The landmark project will focus on researching the genetic causes of 25 conditions, including, breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), chronic lymphocytic leukemia, autism, preterm birth, epilepsy, and other hereditary conditions. Genomic sequencing will be conducted with unique, comprehensive molecular tests offered by NantHealth.

"By partnering with NantHealth and leveraging the power of genome sequencing, our researchers are now transforming our understanding of common diseases and how they should be treated"

NantHealth's genomic sequencing platform integrates whole genome (DNA) sequencing, and RNA sequencing. By carrying out this extensive testing, including analysis of germline and somatic samples, University of Utah and NantOmics researchers will be able to explore the underlying genetic causes of certain conditions and diseases at the cellular level.

"Understanding the molecular profile and underlying genetic basis of various conditions and diseases, including cancer, will be accelerated through our partnership with the University of Utah and its Utah Genome Project," said Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, Chairman and CEO of NantHealth. "As the industry continues to focus on personalized medicine, it has become more important to have tests which can not only provide clinicians with information necessary to develop personalized treatment strategies for their patients, but also has the potential to help physicians identify treatments for debilitating diseases at a targeted level. I am proud to be working with this institution to further the progress in the war against life-threatening diseases."

The University of Utah has been stewarding one of the most remarkable national resources for decades, the Utah Population Database, working in partnership with the many contributors of data. The Heritage 1K Project will expand and focus Utah Genome Project research discovery efforts to help patients prevent, diagnose, and successfully treat diseases that have afflicted their families.

"By partnering with NantHealth and leveraging the power of genome sequencing, our researchers are now transforming our understanding of common diseases and how they should be treated," said Dr. Vivian S. Lee, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Utah, and CEO of University of Utah Health Care. "We are pleased to be working with Dr. Soon-Shiong to further expand genetic discovery research under our Utah Genome Project."

Home to the Utah Genome Project, the University of Utah is a unique place for advancements in genetics. Launched in 2012, the Utah Genome Project stands out among genome initiatives around the world because of its ability to uncover genetic signatures of disease and drug response in large families.

About the Utah Genome Project

The Utah Genome Project is a large-scale, genome sequencing and analysis initiative to discover new disease-causing genes and to develop genetic diagnostics and precision therapies that will transform healthcare. The Utah Genome Project is unique among genome initiatives because instead of studying unrelated individuals, the Utah Genome Project uncovers genetic signatures of disease and drug response in large families. The project leverages the Utah Population Database (, the world's largest repository of genealogies, public health and medical records, housed at the University of Utah Health Sciences and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

About NantHealth, Inc.

NantHealth, Inc. a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, is a next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company enabling improved patient outcomes and more effective treatment decisions for critical illnesses. NantHealth‘s unique systems-based approach to personalized healthcare applies novel diagnostics tailored to the specific molecular profiles of patient tissues and integrates this molecular data in a clinical setting with large-scale, real-time biometric signal and phenotypic data to track patient outcomes and deliver precision medicine. For nearly a decade, NantHealth has developed an adaptive learning system, CLINICS, which includes its unique software, middleware and hardware systems infrastructure that collects, indexes, analyzes and interprets billions of molecular, clinical, operational and financial data points derived from novel and traditional sources, continuously improves decision-making and further optimizes our clinical pathways and decision algorithms over time. For more information please visit and follow Dr. Soon-Shiong on Twitter @DrPatSoonShiong.