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Episode 18: Keli Kwok, M.D. - UUSOM alumni and Emergency Room physician

Jan 22, 2014

On April 15, 2013 as a crowd of over 500,000 took to the streets of Boston to cheer on the participants nearing the end of the Boston Marathon, two bombs exploded in the street killing 3 and injuring 264. As fear and chaos encircled the crowd, emergency rescuers and bystanders jumped into action providing medical attention to those in need. What was it like to be an ER physician that day? How did they respond? What type of training helped prepare them for the events of that day and what educational lessons were learned? I sat down with ER physician and graduate of the UUSOM, Dr. Keli Kwok, who was at Boston University Medical Center on that gloomy day to discuss her experience of the bombing aftermath. Discover how the response of the community became the “absolute most beautiful, best side of Boston during the event”, how technology became obsolete during the situation and how previous disasters played a part in how the Boston medical community prepared for that day.