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Episode 49: Daniela - a first Year Medical Student here at UUSOM

Feb 04, 2015

“It was a decision between my heart and my brain, I made the decision with my heart.” Daniela, a first year medical student here at #UUSOM had a difficult decision to make when it came to choosing which medical school to ultimately attend. As a non-resident without scholarship money, she would face paying out of state tuition for all four years of her medical education here in Utah. Daniela’s medical experiences abroad had fueled her passion for working with underserved populations in a #ruralsetting and it was this passion that, after choosing to attend UUSOM, led her to applying for and receiving the National Health Service Corp (#NHSC) scholarship. Daniela and I discuss how to apply for and what the NHSC scholarship covers, how she chose to go into a rural medical setting, and finally, how a young boy in India (named Sumit) left an impression that will stay with her for the rest of her life.