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Episode 76: Elynn - third year med student at UUSOM

Dec 28, 2016

“I spent my time doing things that mattered to me, and in the end, I think that’s really what admissions committees want. They want to know you when you’re applying; they want to see who you are.”As Elynn prepared to apply for medical school, she didn’t take the typical pre-med route by getting involved in a premed club, but rather did things that were important to her that reflected who she was as a person. We talk about the three items she found helpful in her application journey, as well as how being involved in athletics not only assisted her goal in becoming a physician, but gave her insight when working with patients. Finally, we talk about her interest in Family Medicine and how her third year rotations have strengthened that desire, and the benefit of training in a rural area verses a higher patient population location.