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Episode 87: Susan - Returning Guest and OB/Gyn Residency Match Student at UUSOM

May 17, 2017

 “What else would I be doing? What else would I do with my time that I would love more? I couldn’t think of anything. I love what I do and I still have a very robust social and family life.”We’re excited to welcome Susan back as a guest on the Pod. She was one of our first episodes four years ago and filled us in on what the application process was like and what her plans were. Now a 4th year, she’s ready to graduate and has had an adventurous and exciting time! We talk about her experience with FASPE (Fellowship at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics) in Germany and Poland. She fills me in on why she decided to join the Air Force just before beginning medical school, and shares her excitement of being promoted from a 2nd Lieutenant, to a Captain as soon as she crosses the stage. Finally, we discuss her trips to Nepal where she witnessed her work of initial data collecting, grow into sustainable health care. #Classof2017 #Northwestern