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Episode 151 – Juggling Cosplay as a Med Student

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Episode 151 – Juggling Cosplay as a Med Student

Nov 04, 2020

Episode Transcript

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"That is the first time I really went, 'Wow! This silly little hobby of mine can actually be used to make a difference in somebody’s life.'"

On this episode of Talking U & Med Student Life, learn about what cosplay is and how one of our medical students has fostered her passionate hobby into great opportunities throughout her journey in med school thus far. What cosplaying opportunities does SLC have to offer prospective medical students? How do you balance attending virtual med school, working full time, and studying for tests?

Hear what MS2 Erin has to say about how she got started in cosplay and what wonderful cosplaying opportunities she has had while attending the University of Utah School of Medicine.