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E47: The Social Domain of Grief

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E47: The Social Domain of Grief

Mar 29, 2024

There is healing in collective grieving. Grief does not have to be an isolated experience, and the support of one's social circle can play a crucial role in navigating the grieving process. Outside of family and close friends, resources such as grief support groups and group therapy can offer valuable avenues for communal healing.

Kathie Supiano, director of Caring Connections: A Hope and Comfort in Grief Program—the bereavement care program at University of Utah Health, joins this episode to talk about the social domain of grief and the multifaceted role of social connections during times of loss. The conversation touches on societal norms and stereotypes surrounding grief, cultural and generational differences in grieving practices, as well as gender disparities in how we may approach grief and loss.

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    Host: Kirtly Jones, MD

    Guest: Kathie Supiano

    Producer: Chloé Nguyễn

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