Mission & Vision for Transgender Health

Our Transgender Health Program at University of Utah Health is committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate, evidence-based care for gender diverse individuals in a supportive, affirming environment. We are a patient-centric, multidisciplinary gender health program for all gender journeys across the lifespan.

Our Values

  • Intersectionality: We will recognize the unique social and political identities that exist within gender diverse individuals and advocate to remove inequalities within healthcare.
  • Coordinated Care: We will provide coordinated care through patient navigation and provider communication on all aspects of care.
  • Research: We will engage in research to advance knowledge and well-being for the care of gender diverse individuals.
  • Education: We seek to educate providers, trainees, and the public on the needs and health of gender diverse individuals.

LGBTQ Top Healthcare PerformerOur program is in accordance to the recommendations of numerous professional organizations including (but not limited to):

Meet Our Leadership

Our core leadership team meets on a monthly basis to ensure the success of our program. This is supplemented with a bi-annual meeting where all Transgender Health Program providers and staff participate to share thought leadership ideas and improvements.


Program Coordinator: Ariel Malan (she/her), MHA, leads the program's strategy development, coordinates community outreach and manages the development of university-wide learning programs on the topic of transgender health and gender diversity.

Clinical Leadership

Transgender Health Program Advisory Board: This group of patients and family members of patients meet quarterly to develop program improvements.

Transgender Health Advocacy

We are committed to addressing issues that face our transgender and gender diverse communities. Our program partners with local LGBTQ+ organizations to advocate in the following areas:
  • insurance benefits and coverage,
  • legal name and gender marker changes,
  • training and education,
  • increasing access to primary care services,
  • research on our communities to improve health outcomes,
  • continually meet accreditation with the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index, and
  • transgender and gender diverse content in medical student education.

Give Today

Every dollar helps advance transgender health research and provide patients with opportunities and support throughout their journey.

We Want Your Feedback

We are constantly evolving as a program and welcome any feedback from the community that will help us meet our mission to provide safe, gender-affirmative care at University of Utah Health. Please email us at transgenderhealth@hsc.utah.edu.