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Education, Patient Coordinators, & Gender Marker Documents

Our team is prepared to help you through every step of your health care journey. Our patient coordinators can help with the following:

Patient Coordinators

Kathryn Nelson (they/them)

Kathryn Nelson (they/ them)

Jesse Fluetsch (he/him)

Jess Stahle (they/them)

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Kai Davies-Scarbrough (they/them)

Education Classes

We offer monthly patient education classes that cover the range of services we offer in the program. We are always seeking out new community partners to offer health education content specific to your needs as a transgender or gender diverse person. Every seminar covers:

  • What to expect at your consultation.
  • How to prepare for your visit or surgery.
  • A description of the service delivered by the provider.
  • A patient panel to answer questions from a patient perspective.

Gender Marker Document Changes

Our providers can provide you with the letter needed to change your gender marker on official documents. This process can take up to two weeks due to the time it takes to get notarization and mail the document.

Each state may have a different process. Our resources are specific to Utah. View our resources for steps to complete a name or gender marker change.

Traveling from Far Distances (Rural and Out of State)

Travel can be burdensome, and although we are able to do some visits via telehealth, please make accommodations to come in person as well. Good preparation is critical to a having a good outcome. You will be required to stay in Salt Lake City for between two to five weeks after the surgery, depending on the type of surgery, and will need someone to accompany you and assist during that time.

Give Today

Every dollar helps advance transgender health research and provide patients with opportunities and support throughout their journey.

Give Today

We Want Your Feedback

We are constantly evolving as a program and welcome any feedback from the community that will help us meet our mission to provide safe, gender-affirmative care at University of Utah Health. Please email us at