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Transplant Support Services For Patients & Families

Social Work Services For Transplant Patients

Independent Living Donor Advocate

The living donor advocate represents and advises the donor, protects and promotes the donor's interests, and ensures that the donor's decision is informed and free from coercion.

Find More About Advocates for Living Organ Donors

Transplant social workers are an integral part of the transplant team and provide:

  • education,
  • support, and
  • counseling.

Before your transplant, social workers assist you and your family to understand and cope with the emotional, psychological, and social issues related to transplant.

Social workers are also responsible for the pre-transplant psychosocial evaluation. They will assist you with counseling and emotional support through this process:

  • pre-transplant work-up,
  • transplant hospitalization, and
  • post-transplant follow-up.

Financial Counseling & Support Groups

Your social worker will also work closely with the financial counselors available to help you. They will refer you and your family to financial and insurance resources.

They can help you get education and find support groups. They will also refer you to other community agencies and resources.

Transplant Pharmacy

Offering Pharmacy Services for Transplant Patients

The pharmacy services at the transplant center are just one of the many ways in which University of Utah Health provides a multidisciplinary approach to transplantation.

After transplant surgery, it's vital that transplant patients correctly use medications to make sure their newly transplanted organ survives, whether it be a heart, lung, liver, kidney, or pancreas transplant.

Our goal is to help you understand the importance of your medications as well as address any challenges you may be experiencing with your new medication regimen.

Medication Basics for Transplant Patients

We've prepared this guide to all the medications you will be taking to keep help your organ transplant be as successful as possible.

As always, we are happy to help you at any time. Please call us for assistance with any medication needs.