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Specialized Burn Care

Most likely you have been referred here because you need specialized burn care only a verified burn center can provide. University of Utah Health's Burn Center provides the most comprehensive care for burn patients in the Mountain West. You will be treated in our burn trauma ICU.

While here, you will have  your own room. Our patient and family support team will be available to help you throughout your stay. You family and loved ones will also be able to come visit you.

Daily Care & Meals

Nursing Care & Beside Reports

We assign a nurse to you for a 12-hour shift. Bedside report takes place at 7 am and 7 pm. At bedside reports, the nurse hands off your care to another nurse caretaker. We encourage you to participate with bedside report. This is the time to ask questions or discuss any of your questions or needs.  

Your nurses will take your vital signs throughout their shift. Vital signs include:

  • blood pressure,
  • temperature,
  • heart rate, and
  • respiratory rate.

We take your vital signs to 
track your progress and monitor any changes.

Daily, you will have a bed bath, shower, and/or dressing change. We will change the bandages on your burn wounds based on your needs.

Meals & Nutrition

You will have a diet ordered based on your nutritional needs, which will be managed by a dietician. With burn injuries the body begins to use energy at a very rapid rate and requires a large amount of calories and fluid to heal. If additional nutrition is needed, a feeding tube (small, soft, pliable tube) may be placed. It is inserted in the nose, past the stomach, and into the intestines to provide high-calorie supplements.

A provider will also prescribe you medication based on your needs. You will get your medications from your nurse.

Treatment & Rehabilitation

Your care team will create a treatment plan. The team is interdisciplinary, which means it is made up of several care specialists who have different areas of expertise. This interdisciplinary team checks on you daily. This daily check is called rounds.

During this time the team will determine if we need to update your treatment plan.  


If you need surgery, we will make a plan in advance. This way you can prepare for the procedure and make sure we answer all your questions.


The goal of rehabilitation is to help you regain your strength and recover. Our burn therapy team, which is made up of physical and occupational therapists, will assess and customize a plan specifically for you. It will be part of your daily routine.

You may also need to work with a respiratory therapist and/or a speech therapist.

Preparing for Recovery

Our patient and family support team will be available to you throughout your stay. When you are ready, we will start working on your plan to leave the hospital and begin your recovery.
 The support team consists of many specialists to help you with your emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs.

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