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Preparing for Your Appointment

At the time you schedule your appointment, please provide updated contact and insurance information. After you schedule your appointment in the Voice Disorders Center, you will receive an email with a link to MyChart to complete questionnaires by at least 1 week in advance of your appointment. If you do not currently have an account in MyChart, our scheduler will send you a link to set up an account where you can complete questionnaires and also track your clinical reports. If you have forgotten your password, the MyChart support contact number is: 801-213-5555.

When you arrive at the Voice Disorders Center, you will check in at our front desk. At this time we will ask you to verify insurance and contact information as well as complete necessary paperwork. Also remember to bring any requested information needed (e.g. medical records, video recordings of prior diagnostic exams, etc.)

What to Bring

  • Insurance card
  • Any medical records that may be helpful to us
  • A list of your medications

At your appointment, our goal is to treat your condition(s) in the most efficient manner. To do this, multiple specialists may evaluate you during your appointment. We will ask you questions about the history of your condition(s), examine you, and review any available prior tests and studies.

Note: Seeing two different specialists may require two co-payments for the two separate consultations.

Preparing for Your Breathing Evaluation

If you are being assessed for breathing problems, please wear appropriate attire that enables you to comfortably perform physical exertion activities (e.g. run, jog) if this is one of the triggers of your breathing problems.  If you have specific triggers of your cough, please bring scents or other trigger items with you (e.g. perfumes, cleaning products, etc) for use during your exam.

Length of Appointments

Your evaluation appointment may range in duration:

  • Team-based voice and chronic cough appointments typically require 90-120 minutes to complete due to the multiple specialists seeing you.
  • Airway clinic team-based appointments = 30-60 minutes
  • Speech-language pathologist assessments also vary in duration:
    • MBS studies = 30 minutes
    • Voice and airway assessments = 90 minutes
    • Dysphagia clinical assessment = 60-90 minutes
    • Therapy sessions = 45-60 minutes
  • Laryngologist assessments
    • New patient visit = 30 minutes
    • Return patient visit = 20 minutes
  • Pulmonology assessments
    • New patient visit = 60 minutes
    • Return patient visit = 30 minutes

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