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Treating Voice Disorders

If you are a singer or if your singing voice is of concern to you, our vocal coach will see you during the initial evaluation with the voice team if you indicate interest in having this additional service provided at the time you make your team-based appointment. A vocal coach provides a separate focus from a singing coach or teacher.

Singing voice specialists have expertise in the rehabilitation of singing voices, which is usually outside the scope of regular voice lessons. Our singing voice specialists have extensive experience and expertise in rehabilitating singers who have suffered laryngeal injury or muscular imbalances.

Insurance & Fees

Singing voice services are not covered by insurance. Fees are due at the time of your appointment.

Most of the patients who are singers require sessions with our singing voice specialist, and we find that it is actually less expensive and time-consuming for the singer if the singing voice specialist is present at the initial evaluation.

Vocal Coach

Lynn Maxfield, PhD, vocal coach

Lynn Maxfield, PhD

Lynn Maxfield has a PhD in voice pedagogy and an MA in voice performance from the University of Iowa. He worked as post-doctoral research fellow at the National Center for Voice and Speech in summer 2011.

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