Offering Solutions for Infertility

We understand that most families wish that infertility is something they’ll never have to experience. Whether you are interested in starting a family or adding to the one you have, the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine in Salt Lake City can help make your dreams a reality.

With over thirty years of knowledge and expertise in the field of reproductive medicine (also known as reproductive endocrinology and infertility) our center offers the most advanced technologies to diagnose and treat infertility.

Our reproductive specialists also participate in leading-edge fertility research, bringing the latest research findings directly to your care. Learn more about choosing a fertility doctor.


Male, Female, & LGBTQ Fertility

Options Counseling

At your first appointment, we will discuss your family planning goals. We will also decide on a plan to improve your chances of getting pregnant. To help you achieve your goals we work to make a plan that is:

  • simple,
  • inexpensive, and
  • not invasive.

University of Utah Health is the only program in the Mountain West with a board-certified urologist with subspecialty training in andrology/male infertility. We are also the only program with a comprehensive andrology lab and male fertility research lab.

Our andrology/male fertility specialists focus exclusively on male fertility treatments so couples can achieve pregnancy either naturally, or with the least invasive treatment possible.

We support everyone's journey to becoming a parent. We're happy to provide services for same-sex couples, single parents, and non-traditional couples.

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