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Expired Mascara Could Harm You

Factoid Expired Mascara

How long have you been using your mascara? Do you even remember when you bought it? "The dark, moist tube is a breeding ground for bacteria," says Robert Corry, OD, an optometrist at University of Utah Health's Moran Eye Center. If used for too long, mascara could give you more than clumpy lashes.

"The longer you keep mascara, the more likely it will contain bacteria," Corry says. "The eyes are a sensitive area and vulnerable to infection."

Check the expiration date before you buy new mascara, and then set yourself a reminder to toss the product in three months. If you get an eye infection, discard eye makeup immediately. Don't use new makeup until the infection is gone.

If you think you might have an eye infection, contact Corry or another eye doctor at the John A. Moran Eye Center. Call 801-581-2352.