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Stress and the Skin

Jan 05, 2021

Not only can stress cause changes in our brain and body chemistry resulting in skin changes, but our behavioral response (conscious or subconscious) also likely contributes. For example, some people touch their face when they are nervous, introducing whatever is on their hands to their face, resulting in worsening acne. Also, we tend to stray away from our healthy habits when under tremendous stress. We may spend less time taking care of ourselves by sleeping less, eating unhealthy diets, skipping exercise, and not washing our faces regularly. All these behaviors can negatively impact our skin. Decreasing stress may help improve your skin, but it is by no means the "cure." Preoccupying yourself to eliminate stress in order to better your skin may backfire as you actually become more stressed. For those with diagnosed skin conditions, please continue following your dermatologist's recommendations. Our job is to provide you with the tools and skills to alleviate your stress and prevent any flare-ups.